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Adults Should Be Able to Trick-Or-Treat, Too

by Kathy Lester 5 years ago in parents
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Why is it a holiday just for the kids?

Who said the holiday was just for little kids only? Was it greedy Grandma Judy or old fart Farmer Brown that had made this decision? I mean, we were ALL children at one time, weren’t we? So why can’t adults go trick-or-treating on Halloween night, too? I believe a lot of the stress level in adults would be totally eradicated if they were allowed to get dressed up into their favorite costume after work, put on their most comfortable walking shoes, grab their durable trick-or-treat bag and start hitting the pavement along with the other kids and cool, creative adults. I mean, it’s only one time in the entire year that Halloween exists, so what in the world is the problem? It’s simply madness. Department stores across the world, whether it’s in a retail storefront or online, sell Halloween costumes for adults to wear all year long. Why do we wear them just for the kids or for personal parties? Why is it also only good to wear for comic/toy conventions to look like Super Mario or impersonate Darth Vader? Why can’t adults trick-or-treat too if they choose to, and why do the other adults frown if an adult tries to do it? Adults shouldn’t succumbed to only giving out bowls of candy and taking pictures at their house. They should have the right to choose and be a part of the trick-or-treating festivities if they choose to do it. What happened with the freedom of expression?

I remember dressing up for Halloween years back during the 1990s as a young mom and would walk along with my three little boys as they were going from door-to-door in our local town, making sure they were OK and, if they needed me, I was their aid when it came to help going down porch steps or crossing the street. On one Halloween night, I can remember this elderly lady sitting in a chair on her front porch. She gave me this ugliest stare and scowled, "Aren’t you a little too old to be dressing up for Halloween?" I was simply speechless. I wasn’t even trick-or-treating at the time. I was just there with my three kids, helping them as they were doing all of the trick-or-treating, and I was just there to make sure they were OK like any other mom would. Why did this old woman have a problem with an adult dressing up? I’m sure I wasn’t the only parent that had a costume on. As a matter of fact, I KNOW I wasn’t the only one. So, what was that old lady griping about?

Many others and I would agree that trick-or-treating should include adults that choose to dress up and are willing to go door-to-door to pick up some candy loot. It is harmless fun that has been happening over the centuries, and why does it have to stop at a certain age level? What’s even worse is that, year after year, local towns are now cutting down the trick-or-treating hours to literally nothing. It’s no wonder kids are super anxious to hurry into the town to trick-or-treat because they only have about two hours to do it in. Where are the days when a person could take four or five hours to trick-or-treat in more than just one town? Again, it’s simply ridiculous. And the portion cutting on candy is another whole article in itself.

I don’t know about you, but I know that life is just too short. If we continue to keep taking the fun out of the lives of adults, then there will be no reason to celebrate anything anymore. Adults are old kids, and I don’t think it’s harmful to allow adults to trick-or-treat. What do you think?


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Kathy Lester

I'm a published author with two major publishers, a graphic designer, co-founder of Madcap Toys, a mom to three adult sons and a Nana to five grandchildren. If you like what you are reading, send me a gift or tip.

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