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A Turn Of Events

by Amy McGuffey 2 years ago in humanity
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Her life was nothing like she hoped or dreamed it would be

A Turn Of Events
Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash

Life as she knew it was far from horrible, but it certainly was not anything like she hoped or dreamed it would be. To be honest it had life had exceeded anything she could have ever imagined it being. Amanda was a sweet and simple kind of girl a rather homely kind of girl that grew up in a rink-a-dink, one horse town nestled on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts where she grew up with a doting mother and father, an ornery younger brother and their little Boston Terrier dog Scotty. Amanda had the life that most teenage girls her age always wanted, she had it easy. But if you were to ask Amanda, she has just a normal life like anyone else, she was far from spoiled rotten, but she was compared to most girls in her one-horse town a spoiled girl. See Amanda's mother was a highly regarded and well know criminal justice lawyer and her father was one of their states top baby doctors. People from around the world and from miles around would call on him anytime they would experience any kind of complications with their pregnancy or while in labor, he was the best of the best. This was a family that had it all yet you would not think so if you were an outsider looking in, they lived very modestly, they were not ones to go about throwing their money away on a ton of flashy and materialistic things, instead they like to conserve their money and live like the average middle class family. Sure Amanda had an eye for the expensive flashy things like fancy, shiny, new cars and clothing of all the latest fashions and designers but none of that ever really mattered to Amanda, she was quite content with a worn out faded pair of blue jeans, a faded out loose T-shirt, her favorite pair of Chuck Taylor tennis shoes and her hair loosely pulled back into a quick messy bun or pony tail. Amanda rarely took the time to slap on all the makeup that all the other girls were wearing, she was one to really embrace her natural beauty and boy was Amanda beautiful. All the guys wanted her, and all the girls wanted to be her. She was tall about 5'10", she had an amazing coke bottle shape with a small waistline, long legs, long shiny strawberry blonde hair and the most mesmerizing pair of sky-blue eyes you have ever seen. With beauty like hers most moms might encourage their daughters to become a fashion model or participate in beauty pageants or whatnot and believe you me her parents tried but Amanda never could see the sense in all that high profile, constantly in the lime light, flashing cameras everywhere and fans coming out the woodwork nonsense. No Amanda had dreams of a much simpler career, something a little more subtle and a lot less demanding of her time and attention. Amanda had hopes and dreams of being the next local weather girl on the channel 5 news. For a girl of her magnitude she had the looks and the brains and the dedication to be anything under the sun that she could possibly want to be but ever since Amanda was little and had lived in Kansas for a few years and had experienced the unpredictable weather conditions that Kansas is so well known for having she had become so fascinated with the weather and wanting to know more about what causes certain types of storms and weather patterns and the science behind it all, she loved the sounds of a good ole thunder storm, the rain hitting the roof, the wind whistling through the trees, the thunder rolling like a busy bowling alley on senior citizen night, the flash and loud claps of lightning lighting up a dark cloudy night sky but above all that she adored the smell of rain right before the storm and after the storm had stopped and to say the least she was in awe over the bright brilliant colors of a rainbow right after a storm. Amanda would go out after the rain had stopped, sitting on the porch swing staring at the rainbow and wondering if anyone had ever really found the bottom of a rainbow and even though it was an old wives tale she still liked to think about there being a pot of gold at the bottom of that rainbow and to Amanda nothing would make more sense to do any other profession than to get her foot in the door and start out as the next local weather girl. But as time went on and Amanda got older it seemed as though all her hopes and dreams of what she wanted to be when she grew up had started to change and even though she still loved a good rain shower or the sounds of a good thunderstorm her thoughts began to take her in a direction that she never saw coming her way. She began to take an interest in the mental health and wellbeing of the youth in her community and in the world. See Amanda never had any mental illness issues or problems with depression or high anxiety or anything like that but she still knew a lot about the topic because her ornery little brother Bradley was born with a mild case of autism and was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 3 when her parents started noticing little things about Bradley that made him different than most other boys in his age group, things like it would take Bradley slightly longer to learn certain things that most kids his age would grab right on to, or it was harder for Bradley to socialize with the other kids in his class and he was not showing any interest in certain subjects in school like English class because it was hardly too noticeable at first but whenever Bradley would get nervous, or frightened or confused he would stutter just a bit when he talked. So after some several doctor visits and having tests run on him and cat scans of his brain and having done a few EEG tests to measure his brainwaves and patterns it was determined that the now 5 year old, happy go lucky Bradley has a mild case of autism. It is nothing that with a lot of hard work, patience, determination and cooperation and the help from all the doctors and speech therapists, and a good behavioral specialist Bradley could soon learn the coping skills and routines that would help him to deal with his diagnosis and teach him how to in so many ways be able to live a very normal, healthy and functional, thriving life despite his condition. After seeing the changes in Bradley and now his diagnosis and seeing how much more special time and attention it was going to take to help Bradley and give him the best life possible and all the extra patience and understanding it was going to take to help Bradley flourish Amanda began looking into and researching the topic of mental health and illness and autism, and it suddenly came to her attention that to care for and love and raise children with certain autistic characteristics and special needs it would take a special type of person to be able to live with and love and care for and raise a child with such issues, she realized it would take a person with a huge heart and lots of love to give to tend to an autistic child and she knew with all the love and concern and compassion that Amanda had for another human being she knew right then and there that being a mental health and illness specialist of some sort was her true calling in life. So, without much more of another thought she knew the path she was going to take in life. And Amanda did just that. She dove right in, she went for the gusto and took the bull by the horns and she focused all her time and energy into being one of the most important people in an autistic person's life and she was nothing short of amazing. She took all the classes and read all the books and studied for and took all the tests and even though at times it was a hard and daunting task Amanda made it through it all and passed with flying colors and at the top of her class and with honors. And she quickly became the top world-renowned specialists for her tri-state area. And it was one weekend that Amanda had decided to take a little break and take a weekend off from the job she totally adores and she decided to make the trip back to her quaint little one horse town hometown and visit her beloved mother and father and the brother she feels she owes all her skills and success to for the weekend. It was not until Amanda's first night back home and the whole family was back together again and they were all gathered around the family dinner table holding hands and their heads bowed and about to say grace, that it became very clear to Amanda that despite all she had done and learned and been through in her lifetime that this has got to be the best and her all-time favorite turn of events in her life and for that she has truly been blessed and given the ultimate feeling of love peace and happiness and for which she is ultimately grateful.


About the author

Amy McGuffey

I have a healthy imagination, a eventful reality, and a very creative mind, I'm here to put it to good use and share my stories with the world, I hope you enjoy my content. Some is real and some is not either way enjoy.

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