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a mother's day story

By Kia T Cooper-ErbstPublished 27 days ago 3 min read
one of my graduations with my 1st born

I wanted to post this story for mother's day but i decided to wait.

Recently,while thinking about my childhood I realized that i didn't have many good memories. Which made me think about my own journey of motherhood and the trials and tribulations that go along with it.

On Mother's day, I was talking to my oldest heartbeat and I said to her, "I always want to be the mother you can come and talk to no matter what. As your mom, I am the first to say that I am not perfect and that yes I have made mistakes and probably always will but understand one thing and that is I will always love you and your siblings regardless of how life turns out."

Before our conversation concluded with her having to finish getting ready for work.... she said "love you mom" and just that right there put a big smile on my face. Hanging up the phone, then looking at the youngest heartbeats still sleeping (it was about 8 am).... I thought, yes I am not perfect but I guess I am doing something right.

Throughout the entire day, I thought about what motherhood means and how it looks in different families. I considered myself fortunate that I had a bonus mom that was in my life from a young age. I thought about my grandmothers (all of them) that stepped up in their own ways to help a hurting child. I thought about the women in my neighborhood friends of my parents that often cared about all of us kids.

I remember the first time i met my mother-in-law and most of their entire family... my thoughts were OMG it so different from what I was used to but she is/was so nice and settle my nervousness making me feel like part of the family from the very beginning. I wound up inheriting more family that I could love, yeaaa me.

I remember finding out that I was gonna be a mom and then realizing that my body was not liking being pregnant. Both my bonus mom and extra bonus mom started finding ways to help me deal with the issue. That period of my life was something I thought was a blessing.

One memorable thing that's sticks out to me was when i was about 7 months, I was taking greyhound to see my family and the bus was full of older ladies that immediately begin to watch over me for the trip making sure that I was ok. Those ladies were very sweet and reminded me of my grandmothers. One funny event was when we stopped a site that had a mini casino and they each gave me about 20 dollars from their combined winnings to make sure I could get enough to eat with using my own money.

I am happy and grateful that I do have one of those that raised me and claims me as her daughter. I am also grateful for the women that I have come across from the minute I started my journey as a mom that showed me how to navigate that path. I give continued praise and thanks for these women some who are still in my life and some that aren't and some that have passed on leaving me to grieve their loss.

Almost twenty-three years and two more children later, I'm still learning about being a mom and how it comes with so many challenges especially when I am consciously raising my younger two to be more comfortable in their own space as well knowing that no matter what their dreams mom will find a way to help them make it happen.

Let me rephrase that to say most dreams ...... cause my youngest just said that he wants to be spiderman when he grows up.

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Kia T Cooper-Erbst

Writer, poet, author. submissive. Mom of three wonderful human beings. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of myself besides being the obvious.... which is daughter, wife,etc.

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    Kia T Cooper-ErbstWritten by Kia T Cooper-Erbst

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