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5 things that make adults feel incomprehensible in a child's world

How many can you appreciate?

By Fra TushaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Since the world of each adult is very different, how much do adults know about the ideas of the world of children? The world in the eyes of a child should appear in many cases that parents can not understand.

Today, let's summarize the incredible things that happen to children in life.

Rainy days

When it comes to rainy days, parents feel that rain will bring a lot of inconveniences, such as: commuting to work, picking up and dropping off children, etc., because it will make all these things more troublesome.

But children feel so excited when it rains because they can step into puddles and fight like warriors outside.

In the world of children, they don't think that stepping on puddles will make their clothes dirty and wet and will cause colds, but rather they think that stepping on puddles is a lot of fun.


play hide-and-seek

The game of hiding and seek, in the interaction between parents and children, is still quite high frequent, parents see hide and seek as a thing, this thing can, on the one hand, drive the child's movement, on the other hand, drive the child to take the initiative to think about the problem, take the initiative to find and find the target.

But in the eyes of the child, hide and seek becomes "abnormal" and mysterious, in their eyes feel that there is an object in pursuit of their own, and it will feel very exciting.

The more important difference is that parents in the game of hide-and-seek are always not found as a victory, while in the world of children, not hiding is the happiest, but the moment of being found feels the most exciting.

Tearing small pieces of paper

Parents see their children tearing paper everywhere, flying pieces of paper which must make parents headaches to the point of no return. However, in the eyes of the child tearing pieces of paper, the moment of spilling the paper into the air will feel happy beyond measure, they like the feeling of destruction and exploration.

Sleeping in the dark

Parents must have encountered a fear of the dark when their children are very young, or when they enter an unfamiliar environment. At this point, some parents are very confused, thinking that fear of the dark will be fine if you close your eyes, how to be afraid to cry?

The darkness in the eyes of the child is the "devil" of the night, in the darkness is equivalent to being alone in the face of a variety of monsters in the world, so they will be afraid.

Hair dryer hair

Washing hair with hair dryer hair, in the eyes of parents, is a normal thing. But in the eyes of children, hair dryer hair feels like they are going to be blown away, and the sound of the hair dryer makes them feel scared.

There are many other things that parents and children do not understand each other, and for this difference, parents do these things, perhaps they will understand:

Understand and respect the child's views

Children are curious about the world, parents should learn to understand their children's curiosity about the world and respect the whims of children.

When faced with a child's whims, parents should be supportive and encouraging, and remember to make the voice of "do not think nonsense".

Listen to your child's opinion more often

When children can talk and express themselves, parents can communicate with them in some ways, just like adults.

Parents need and need to know their children's innermost thoughts, and to understand them, they need to let them speak their minds, so they need to learn to listen and help.

More companionship

It is said that companionship is the longest confession, especially when the child is signaling fear and dread, the most important thing parents should do is to be there.

Accompany your child through the fearful times, accompany your child to do what he or she is afraid to do, and slowly give him or her confidence, until the child is no longer afraid and scared, then slowly withdraw.

Parents try not to use other people's children as reference objects

As we all know, when parents use other children as reference objects, the main purpose is to motivate their children, promote growth, and make them more progressive.

But sometimes this kind of motivation can be counterproductive, using the wrong method or frequent use will intensify the child's rebellion or even inferiority complex, so this trick should be used with caution.

Parents may try to encourage children, and give them more praise so that the child has more confidence, this kind of encouragement education may be more positive than suppression education.

Parents do not understand their children when they need to put themselves in their shoes and think about their ideas, for example: when parents are young, there must be a lot of ideas are stifled by their parents in the cradle, perhaps causing their own not brave, not confident situation today.

Parents need to give their children more encouragement, encourage them to believe in themselves, and encourage them to be supported as long as they have ideas.

Please put down your height, low to the same height as the child, perhaps so parents can be more clear about the child's situation, the child can also be more aware the adults are not easy it.


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