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5 Addictive English TV Shows from Around the World

by Military Makeover 9 days ago in tv review

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Looking for English TV shows that are addictive? Right from the veteran TV show, Military Makeover, to the funny Canadian series 'Trailer Park Boys' there are plenty of shows that keep you glued to the TV.

Here are the 5 addictive English TV shows from around the world:

#1: Military Makeover with Montel (U.S.)

If you are looking for Lifetime TV shows that are addictive, Military Makeover with Montel takes the top spot. Since 2015, the veteran TV show has continued to enthrall audiences with its amazing home improvement series. Hosted by military veteran, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist Montel Williams, the show features co-host Art Edmonds.

With the creative talent of designer Jennifer Bertrand, the show takes on home improvement projects for veterans across the U.S. Some of the most widely watched episodes feature the makeover of homes of Dingee, Daniels, Burgess, Tabora, Marquezz, and Harvey/Woodruff families among others.

You can never get enough of watching how innovative companies, products, appliances, designers, and contractors come together to give a magical makeover to veterans' homes. You will surely get addicted to the show as you watch the teams install smart appliances, new furniture, insulation, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom decor, and other finer details. With comprehensive mortgage tips, guidance on homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, fitness consultations, and much more, the show is one of the most addictive Lifetime tv shows.

#2: Doctor Who (U.K.)

Doctor Who is one of the most widely watched British TV series that has been on air since 1963. Produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the science fiction series features an alien known as "The Doctor." The role of The Doctor has been played by thirteen different actors starting with William Hartnell to the current Jodie Whittaker. The show has a dedicated fanbase often referred to as “Whovians” apart from being recorded as the most successful science fiction series in the Guinness Book of World Records. You are sure to get addicted to the show as you watch The Doctor and the assistant go around the universe on many adventures in a uniquely shaped time capsule.

#3: Black Mirror (U.K.)

The British anthology TV series was originally released in December 2011 and has continued to hold the attention of viewers. The creative work of Charlie Brooker features individual episodes that deal with a diversity of genres where each episode is a different story with unique ideas and characters.

Most stories are based on science-fiction technology and near-future dystopias and have often been described as unsettling or disturbing. The key theme is the dystopian future where society is characterized by injustice and suffering and is unpleasant to live in. For instance, The Twilight Zone series uses technology to talk about contemporary social issues and makes the viewers think about the impact of technology on our future lives. As you slowly get hooked to the series, you will learn different words and get introduced to technology terminologies.

#4: Top of the Lake (New Zealand and Australia)

If you love mystery dramas, one of the must-watch television series is Top of the Lake, created by Gerard Lee and Jane Campion with the directors being Garth Davis along with Campion. The series was aired in 2013 while the sequel titled "Top of the Lake: China Girl," was aired in 2017. The story is set in New Zealand's breathtakingly beautiful South Island that provides a stunning backdrop to the intense mystery.

The plot surrounds the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl who is pregnant and the ensuing police investigation. With plenty of plot twists and mystery, the series is sure to hook you right from the start. The China Girl sequel takes you to Sydney as detectives look into the death of an unknown Asian girl at Bondi Beach.

#5: Trailer Park Boys (Canada)

A trailer park refers to a large area in Canada that has smaller fixed homes or mobile homes that are of lower cost. The funny series traces the life of a group of misfits (the main characters) who inhabit the trailer park. The series is a 'mockumentary,' just like the hugely popular series 'The Office,' where the group faces funny and awkward situations while also having lots of adventures.

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