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World’s Deadliest Laser!

LaserWorld’s Deadliest Laser!

By Roy BayPublished 4 months ago 11 min read
  1. This is the most crazy laser obstruction at any point made, and this is simply only one of numerous perilous think and outrageous laser labyrinths that we've worked for this video. Whichever one of these ten competitors endures the longest wins 250 thousand. Everybody, follow me. Welcome to room number one. You cracking messing with me? Yo! How are we expected to get past this? The guidelines are basic. You really want to go touch that crate of cash. However, you contact a laser, you lose $250,000. The billion dollar question is, who's going first? Gracious, alright. We have our first go. What on earth, brothers? - I'm worrying. - Definitely. The most insane part is this is the least complex of the multitude of rooms we assembled. It gets such a great deal harder after this. Alright. She's giving Number 1 no space to work with around there. Okay, you all, I got to get not too far off. This could seem as though a game, yet it's intense. This $250,000 3D shape of cash is on the line. OK, great, great, great, great, great. Good. It's coming towards you. Wow. Wow. Hello... No! Am I out? Did I just...? Wow. Just nine remain. Gracious, yes. It all made sense to you. It all made sense to you. Good. We got our most memorable finisher. We got our second. I'm stuck. Where am I close? Where am I close? - How about we go, child. - We in here! That was shockingly close. - No doubt. - How about we go! What's more, coincidentally, this video happens in space in light of the fact that in the last video, we unintentionally explode the whole planet. And negative, it's not CGI. This is 100 percent genuine. Quit posing me that inquiry. Congratulations and getting through level one. - We did it! - It's as of now down to seven. Gracious master, I couldn't say whether that is great or not. How can you feel after level one? Centered. Still up in the air. Centered. Could you say centered? - Certainly engaged. - Great. - The main thing at the forefront of my thoughts is 251,000 - As it ought to be. We should go. One of you seven is winning $251,000. - We should go to a higher level, come on. - How about we go. - How about we go. - That cash's mine. OK, everybody, line up around there. Try not to go excessively far forward. What is happening? Okay. Turn on the lasers. Somewhat overpowering. Extremely terrified. To finish this level, every one of you should explore this course and afterward cross this wall. All while the red laser walls close in on you. Remain down the center. Also, trust me when I say this level is troublesome, I would not joke about this. I attempted it before and didn't actually draw near to pass. Begin level two. OK, we're going. We're going. Gracious, man, brother. Hello, move the wall quicker. Go, go, go. What on God's green earth is this? This is really hard. Go, go, go. Great job. Rush. Go, go, go. That is barely making it. I didn't actually realize we were beginning. I thought he was simply doing an introduction and everybody began moving. That was somewhat unnerving. I needed to run through that, it seemed like... Follow me to the following set. Presently everybody here might look cheerful, however I had something to tell them. Not every one of you made due. Somebody really hit the laser. I'll be back with the recording. Did anybody see it? I don't think I contacted the laser, however I don't have the foggiest idea. I simply need to come to the following room. I resembled the second one to bounce in the pit, so I feel like I had adequate room and time. I don't have the foggiest idea. We'll see. I didn't think I had it a laser. However, in the event that I'm the last individual and the walls are coming in like it very well may be me. - My heart is simply thumping out my chest. - Me too I know. On this iPad, we have who's been wiped out. I would rather not look. Good, everybody, cluster up, group up. Gracious golly. So here's guilty party number one. It's me. It hit your shoulder, then, at that point, your back, then your butt. It was really amazing the amount you got hit by it. To show respect to him as he leaves. - Bye, folks. - Bye. It's been actually an honor. Up next, assuming you look here, we focus in on number eight. You'll see he didn't get out. It was really you. Better believe it. Wow. I don't have any idea why all of you are miserable. Five remain. Also, presently we can be blissful. In any case, tragically, that bliss won't keep going extremely lengthy. Welcome to a higher level. Isn't this crazy? What on earth is this? I know it's a ton to process, however this level is basic. At the point when the clock begins, you have 10 minutes to get onto that moving stage, stroll across an equilibrium pillar, then get on another moving stage, and afterward leap to somewhere safe and secure, all while staying away from the lasers. Begin the clock. OK, so who's going first? I say there's three young ladies. One of the young ladies got to go first. I'll go. I'll take one for the group. Alright. I got this. I got this. I ought to have on. Hello, this is crazy. That bar is wobbling, man. I see it moving. We should go, Downpour. 7 minutes left. I'm great here. - Would you say you are going? - No doubt. OK. So how are we getting along this? I don't have the foggiest idea, I'm not going to mislead anybody. That is for you all to sort out. We're moving forward. OK, here I go. OK. 10 is on the other stage. Two is on the equilibrium bar? Alright. This is all there is to it. - Yes! - No doubt. Young lady power. Who run the world? Young ladies! There's no time to spare. Pick up the pace. Perhaps all of you go simultaneously. Goodness, she did it. Goodness, there's two! Overall quite simple. Good, we should see it. You're the final remaining one. Just 4 minutes remain. Hello, there's a laser behind you. - Pivot. - We're great. We're great - Yes! - No doubt! Young lady Power! Good gracious! There's just three and a half minutes left. Returning is going. - We should go! - Wow! - That was debilitated, man! - Wow! Player eight is the only one actually contending. We got time, child. We got time. Yo, I have hardly any familiarity with this one, people. You've just got several lasers left. Goodness, my God. - he is right there! - Not a chance brother! No doubt, that was the hardest one up until this point, truth be told. Congrats on getting by. How about we go to the powerful that has monster passing shafts. Passing pillar. Definitely, believe it or not. Passing pillars. I burned through $42 trillion on this spaceship. You don't believe I will add a demise radiate? Welcome to even out four. What are we checking around there out? I can't tell. My heart is thumping like insane, brother. Young men. Fire the passing bars. Goodness! What the… ? Yo! What? So as you'll see before it fires, you see somewhat blaze of light. Your objective is straightforward. Arrive at the opposite side without contacting any of the red lasers or getting totally incinerated by the goliath blue passing lasers. Have a good time. Under it. Number six is protected. Eight's protected. Allow me to take that. We should go, come on. I'm great, I'm great, I'm great. OK. Gracious, man. It's just number four. I think he made it. Give me the container. Here, contact the container. Names child. We should go. That one got the adrenaline siphoning. I'm happy you four endure on the grounds that, similar to, levels six, seven, eight, nine and ten, we as a whole are extravagant. So I want to believe that you don't all lose soon. In any case, frankly, I'd be exceptionally astonished in the event that somebody didn't lose on this next one. What in blazes is this? Come inside the jail. Close the laser entryway. Goodness, brother. You're presently caught in a goliath laser jail. Furthermore, at some irregular point in the following 10 hours, these lasers will switch off for precisely three and a half seconds, and you'll need to run and contact the cash before they betray, you realize how short three and a half seconds is? - And how enormous this room is? - Absolutely no chance, brother. - Absolutely no chance. - Have a good time. You rarely get 10 hours to get ready for the greatest three and a half seconds of your life. How long might an individual at any point do without resting? I've gone like 48 hours without a doubt. - No issue. - Why? I was, such as, playing computer games one evening or something like that. You believe we're really going to get to the 10-hour check? I think we are. It's really scary, not going to mislead anybody. Simon says contact the laser. I don't have the foggiest idea what the guidelines on stumbling are yet... we could find out beautiful soon. Switch off the lasers. If it's not too much trouble. I'm truly eager. - Definitely. - Believe they will get food? We ain't getting no food. Furthermore, assuming that they acquire supper here, we're hanging around for 10 hours and they bring a food of some sort or another. Gracious, sheesh! How's it going? Simply needed to ensure you're conscious. - We're alert. - We are presently. How long do you believe it's been? I believe we're going on three. It's been six and a half hours and you're most likely ravenous, so young men get it. We likewise brought you all some Prime. Much obliged, KSI. - This is your most memorable time attempting Prime? - This is my most memorable taste of Prime. How about we see it. - Your very first taste of Prime. - This is insane. - What is your take of it? - It was very much like the Popsicle. I was amazed too. It tastes very great. - Partake in your Heyday and food. - Much obliged! Much thanks to you. - 6 hours? - I have to take a hard pass, brother. It's not been 6 hours. The moment these mood killer, I'm out. This is beginning to get awful. I don't invest this energy in here to not touch that container. Do you realize the more drawn out that we stand in here, the more slow you will stumble into? You will be finished. 10 minutes to 10 hours, Similar to what sort of reach is that, Jimmy? How are you treating us at this moment? This is insane. I feel like a creature in an enclosure. It's five AM and they have been in there for seven hours. A lot is on the line. They're all gazing at the cash. It's getting base. Yet, on the off chance that we press this button, the lasers will cut off for three and a half seconds. You might press the button. Will they make it? Will they make it? They all got it. That felt like the apocalypse. Goodness, my golly. How are every one of you that caution? It is 5 a.m. That was 7 hours. Not entirely set in stone. Since no one got out, we must run it back for an additional 10 hours. - I'm joking, that was a joke - OK. Alright. It's been excessively lengthy of a day. Follow me. We're like, "What?" We're like, "Stand by a moment." Yet days are somewhat immaterial when you're on a spaceship. A monster spaceship. Enter. - What... - Morning! - ...on the planet? - Morning. Enter. So welcome to Even out seven. Fella. What on earth, brother? You're most likely pondering, for what reason am I holding such a lot of prime? This is on the grounds that Superb Hydration is a zero added sugar hydration drink. This awful kid is just 20 calories, normally enhanced with 10% coconut water and enough nutrients and electrolytes to push these hopefuls along all through the whole

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