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Where are my ladies at?

Recently I received a question for an Ask Emily episode along the lines of whether or not I had personally experienced sexism in my field,

By Nora ArianaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Recently I received a question for an Ask Emily episode along the lines of whether or not I had personally experienced sexism in my field,

and because The Field Museum strongly supports women in science, I sort of laughed it aside. Even here at The Field Museum, a group called Women in Science is composed of both men and women as well as locals.

where we get together and discuss how to best highlight the contributions of female scholars in this largely male-dominated profession. The more I gave it thought,along with the query of whether there is any aspect of my profession that I don't relish,

I would have to say that it would be the exasperatingly unfavorable and sexist remarks that I constantly have to sort through in my numerous inboxes.Don't get me wrong, though; the vast majority of the comments I get are encouraging. But despite my efforts to produce these uplifting videos,I still have to deal with a lot of negativity on a daily basis.

This is especially clear whenever I co-host a show or host an episode on another person's channel.for a group of people that aren't as acquainted with me, my work,or Soon Raccoon. I began to wonder if anyone else was going through this. Who are the other female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals?Just trying to come up with a few of these people took an uncomfortably lengthy time from me.

What I discovered is that while there are at least 13 STEM channels hosted by males that have more than 400,000 followers, and 7 of those 13 have more than one million subscribers, Only 4 channels with female hosts have more than 165,000 subscribers. We all have less than one million.

There are other women in STEM besides you and Vi Hart?they remarked when I asked my Twitter followers to nominate their favorite STEM role models.Must conduct research,I think.You and Vi Hart are both awesome,but sadly you're the only two I know, and You're both awesome,too.It's not a numbers game or a us versus them situation.l'm only trying to make the point that there are much fewer women creating educational YouTube channels with a scientific and technology subject.

Additionally, I'm not suggesting that the men I looked at don't deserve the numbers they have since I believe their material is good and deserving of praise. However, why can't women reach the same number of people?Since every episode must be flawlessly executed, I believe that women generally don't have enough time to do these things.

This could be a disincentive for both men and women, but I think comments like this will make women give up more quickly I'd still do her, " you said. We worry that the opinions of our subscribers and commenters will be more concerned with how we seem than with the caliber of our material.

Furthermore, we're not sure that viewers are watching for the material in the first place, therefore we're not sure that the content itself needs to be accurate or good. I finally saw her body, and my god! How could Emily possibly be a hotter woman?

Please feel free to contact me if you ever need a safe place to stay while you research Patagonia in Argentina; I'll pay for your entire trip so I can gawk at you!"

Because some people feel that there must be some sort of personal relationship going on, being onscreen with anyone else might be uncomfortable and make future business relationships problematic. Additionally, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

having someone on my show because I'm worried they'll hear things like that.
I have never seen lesbian porn like this.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Very interesting. Well written!

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