What College Can Teach You About Business

by Jade Pulman 5 months ago in college

A college education is good for many things.

What College Can Teach You About Business

Some people think that business is a real world type industry that you do not need a college education for. What will college teach me that I can’t learn myself? An education can provide the knowledge, skills, and the tools that will not only help you succeed in the business world, but it will put you one step ahead of the rest. These tools can make one shift the mind, and make a great decision regarding the matters of the business.

Business Mission and Vision

Being able to have a vision for your business is essential. Having a mission and goals to make your vision possible is even more important. These show that your business will end up running in an effective manner, towards success. The discipline of a college education can help with this. Learning how to make decisions that come with taking classes, working, and having a social life in college will prepare you to make decisions, and prioritize at every point of the decision making process in your business.


Aside from straight majoring in business, there are many classes that you can take over the course of your college career that will help develop your knowledge and skill sets. Leadership in business is one that will help develop leadership and success skills. Taking computer and coding classes is also very helpful, since our world is shifting to an electronic age. These classes will teach you about search engine optimization, inspect element, and straight up how to code something, along with other skills. All of these aid in running a business that knows how to better understand information, and better market themselves.

Business Networking

Something that you learn quick when you go to college is that everything will be a lot easier, and you will be a lot more successful if you get to know your professors and teaching assistants really well. Number one advice for college freshman is to sit in the front row of your class, and go introduce yourself to your professor right after the first class is over. Keep in contact with them throughout the semester. You want them to know your face and name, because at the end of the day they have the say over your grade. If it is the end of the semester, and you are .5 points away from getting an A over an A-, your professor is not going to do anything for you if he has never heard of you before. Although, if you have developed a relationship with him he can easily push that A- up to an A. This is a useful skill to develop throughout your college career that will serve you well in the business world. The business world is all about connections, and who you know, so you want to make sure you introduce yourself, and start a relationship with everyone you meet.


A college student is no stranger to pulling all nighters to finish a research project, presentation, or assignment. Learning how to grind out work like this is a useful skill for business. When you are working for a big business, or running your own business, the work never stops. Sometimes you will be the only one in the office at 11 PM at night. Through these assignments you also learn the necessary skills of writing, research, and public speaking. All things that will present themselves useful in the real world of business.

Overcoming Weaknesses

Being a college student is not easy. You are juggling so many different things: school, friends, work, family, and more. It is a time in a young person's life that can really make or break them. Being put through this test is so important. Learning to go against the odds, pick yourself up when things get tough, and overcoming your weaknesses will serve you well. In business, you will make a lot of mistakes. If you let one mistake take you down, you will get nowhere in life. You need to be able to get over it, and keep doing better.

Almost any job you get today is business-oriented somehow. A college education is vital to teaching you skills and lessons that you can use in the real world. Learning how to have a vision, and create goals, taking classes, networking, and mastering assignments will all equip you with what you need to be in the business world.

Jade Pulman
Jade Pulman
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