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Twin Theater's Final Collegiate Performance

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By Marc OBrienPublished about a year ago 6 min read
Lithuanian/American Author Marc O'Brien

The Athlete

During the roaring twenties, the last century acknowledgements featured cowboy shootouts and panhandling for gold. But when the decade turned old everything crashed down in one episode leaving the American euphoria depressed. Nothing much changed when the nineteen hundred years transitioned to the two thousand. Only researching unknown subjects turned instant allowing the young to focus on other things besides library transportation.

Twins Tina and Terri, who always wanted more, enjoyed early life success when they were headliners in a chewing gum advertisement campaign which appeared on billboards and buses. Promoted as Sassy and Snappy, the pair took the country by storm appearing on talk and early morning shows, waking up a war surviving distrusting public.

Suddenly, things calmed down and the pair enrolled in the state university system, with the sassy one Tina claiming to be an athlete while snappy Terri defined herself as a one-day female actor. Seeing her perfect score shining brightly was not enough to carry the school team to the next level, and reality dropped the hint, ‘the red eye at the local airport will make sure you are on campus for the eight AM three-hour lecture on endangered species.’

Feeling comfortable realizing she performed her best despite returning home empty-handed, Tina packed her gym bag and headed to the bus. Finding a seat inside the luxury coach, the maturing student removed the laptop and opened the lid. Scrolling through the ‘To Do List,’ she rested her head back being reminded about attending class priorities, and a required assignment did not receive ‘the weekend reprieve,’ due to the number one ranked squad not fulfilling the proper obligations to go the distance.

“Oh, shoot,” she gritted her teeth, “I forgot I have a two-page essay explaining why the Double Mint Rhino disappeared overnight.”

Not even paying attention, the bus started its journey pulling out while Tina google searched and finally came across exactly what she wanted, “this is perfect,” she thought turning off the device going through airport security.

Aboard the flight using her built-in computer word processor, she went back and forth from the legal pad to the screen, inserting a composition that had all the elements requested.

After the second luxury bus safely returned the defeated individuals, the sun started to appear, and Tina quickly gathered her belongings, finding the first bathroom to apply makeup. When she finished creating a presentable facade, the perfectionist sat down on the couch outside the lecture hall attaching the homework document to the email. Within a second the intellectual obligation was now possessed by the professor. For the next three hours Tina stayed awake, listening to the stimulating subject matter and when the higher educator completed her floor exercise, the audience dispersed allowing the physically fit image to spend the rest of Friday in bed.

“Hey, Sis,” she heard a scream from down the hall, “I got the part!”

“In Dr. Ron Lukas’ production!”

“Yeah, all I have to do is take a dip in the ocean,” Terri Paused, “So, do you know how the Spearmint Rhino disappeared?”

“Terri,” Tina felt her stomach drop, “it was the Double Mint Rhino.”

“No,” Terri responded, “Dr. Judy Stevens said, Spear Mint.”

“Does it matter?” The sassy snappy cover model inquired using her fingers to do the googling and this time when the screen shined it said, “Spear Mint Rhino.”

Tina attended Dr. Judy Stevens lecture Monday morning but never again was seen on campus. Locals noticed her taking courses down at the community college, but no longer did she carry the nickname “Greatest of All Time.”

The Model Actress

A glowing guiding light dimly showed faculty lounge directions when a determined minded assistant walked the hallowed hallway exploring numerous opportunities.

“Megan?” Dr. Judy Stevens glued to her computer shouted, “what are you doing here on a Saturday Night?”

“Just walking the dimly guiding light commitment path,”

“I was curious,” Dr. Stevens continued, “did you plant that misinformation page about the Double Spear Mint Rhino on the Internet and target the link tempting the gum chewing twin gymnast? What’s her name?”

“Sassy Tina,” Megan stood in the doorway, “yes I did, and she visited the page last Thursday night and duplicated the entry into her laptop.”

“Good,” Dr. Stevens responded tapping the homework assignment stack waiting grading judgement, “you know what happens in my class when your term paper includes inaccurate made-up data?”

“The red marks send you to community college,” Megan answered.

“That is right, and you are deleted from the state university system,”

Grinning knowing, she serviced her boss properly; Megan continued her weekend journey across campus allowing Dr. Stevens google research to proceed.

Not much time elapsed when footsteps could be heard, and the intellectual genius peered up leaving the present task. “Anybody out there?”

“Yes, your student, Terri,” the girl stated, “you know me as Snappy Terri from the National gum advertisement campaign.”

“Of course,” Dr. Stevens remembered, “come in, what can I do for you?”

Taking a seat Snappy Terri explained, “I have to miss Monday’s class, I got a role in a student film.”

“You mean Dr. Ron Lukas is done casting?” Dr. Stevens sounded surprised, “he hasn’t called me yet.”

“It’s a one-day early morning shoot,” Terri clarified, “all I have to do is take a dip in the ocean and my tuition this year is paid in full.”

“That sounds like a tremendous break,” Dr. Stevens smiled, “we will miss you.”

“What are you doing?” Terri inquired.

“I need my disappearing Double Spear Mint Rhino research book published or I may not come back next year.”

“So, you are still at the ISBN authorship audition phase,” Terri concluded watching Dr. Stevens’ face grimace.

Still in the dark the aspiring modeling thespian left the makeup trailer heading over towards the instructed area, “Oh Hi! Megan, Dr. Stevens’ assistant?” She questionably exclaimed, “I didn’t know you were getting credit here.”

“Padding the GPA,” Megan innocently confessed, “you look great in that one-piece ensemble, very tasty.”

“What?” Terri needed something repeated.

“Great,” Megan stated, “I will be right behind you with this camera, all you need to do is swim to the buoy and back, maybe do, you know, a gymnastic floor exercise routine in the middle.”

“Okay,” Terri agreed.

Following her with the handheld camera Megan started filming when someone yelled, “quiet on the set, roll em.”

“I am right behind you,” Megan comforted the talent scampering into the water.

Setting the device on aqua auto drone before letting it loose, “go do your stuff but don’t get caught up in all the action,” she advised the technology.

Seconds later Megan joined the crew who all had binoculars, “boy she can swim,” one noticed while Megan observed the monitor.

“Oh, look at that leg in the moonlight, so hot,” the male commentary continued.

“Okay now,” Megan ordered.

Suddenly, the water went tranquil, and the stillness had a peaceful resting setting,

“She didn’t make it to the planned mark?” The script reader noted, “I thought this was a you tube video showing how to find a buoy during a late-night fetish?”

Quietly Megan smirked knowing the academic’s dirty work was successfully completed.

Months later Megan joined Dr. Stevens at the cinema, deciding on the amateur feature.

“I cannot believe they remade Faces of Death,”

“I designed the aqua auto drone camera,” Megan boasted.

Both sharing a popcorn the two watched together and soon the beach footage appeared, “OMG that is right, Snappy Terri got a role in this picture.”

“Yup, Snappy Terri got snapped in two,”

“By what Megan, 'a gator or shark?’,”

“They never told me,”

After a photogenic display, a voice in the theater yelled out, “hey that is the girl from my class! I have not seen her in months, I knew it, she went to the city of Angels and made it big.”

Both Megan and Dr. Stevens giggled, “that is right she is up there partying with those Angelinos.”


About the Creator

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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