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The two crazy bestie Chapter 1.

a true life story that tells a story about two best friends. Who eventually fnds love. The question is can two best friend love each other and they don't know let's find out.

By Nora ArianaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

who could be knocking by this time I'm coming who is that Kevin what are you doing by this time what are you doing in my house by this time huh why did you just stay in your house what are you doing here look at the time I'm sure you did not check the time it is 3am I want to sleep I have something to do early in the morning at the office so you have to come to stop me I'm talking to you and you're moving

Kelvin okay I don't understand why would you leave your house come to my house by this time it's 3 A.M man why would you leave your house to come sleep on my own bed pleasesome were very important to go in the morning I just sleep and what is stopping you from sleeping in your own house is it not that witch huh is it not that which that tiny girl that looks like a grasshopper that girl that girl has been riding me has been riding me it's not funny you're laughing I was just moving like this spring she wants to finish me I'm not explaining myself that's the smallest one hey tell me which time foreign

logo Joe I fight die ah yeah I'll be fresh boy anyway don't be this already let me sleep do I have a choice here you already stop talking leave me alone and what I don't blame you no tomorrow I want to sleep no you cannot sleep why because I can't go back to sleep there's no way I'm going to sleep just let me sleep oh good oh my God so far yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah time has changed the memories I've been so crazy every higher higher through the mountains how is he doing

it's doing me like something you do me like something [Laughter] ah Melissa I am so sorry to break this news to you as we speak I have a pretty dumb self coming to this house and when she gets here it's going to be crazy so please can you go to your house I'm talking to you you're looking at me like that I said go to your house in front of me oh you're not going you don't go to your house not going anywhere I'm not going anywhere if I go to your house no you see this your Madness eh you need a psychiatric hospital to maintain this madness in fact let me just call you

you're laughing she pretty I'm gonna do it is questions let me just look for that hospital for you anymore dogs are coming come on baby give it to me give it to me I'm ready yes yes hold on who's that wait my house that you didn't tell me why are you going with that do you have that I hope you have gas with this rubbish because you're asking because me I was about to cook my gas finished hey Melissa what Melissa what's wrong with you you never

have gas what's wrong with you huh don't you know as a woman you're supposed to make plans for all these inconveniences yeah they say women are the best thinkers but this woman that I'm looking at right now she's the worst thinker yes I don't understand what you don't understand wait wait wait have I ever run out of gas before the past one month who has been filling your gas for you.

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There are no limits to our dreams, just believe they do mean something to us.

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  • Audio AI2 months ago

    Nice job

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