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The three keys to success of cool math games for children.

Math can be tough, uncreative, and abstract. Which is why children find it difficult to practice math and develop an interest in math.

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    Today, a vast majority of children spend most of their time behind a screen playing online games. Games have a lot of benefits, they improve cognitive function, motor skills, help children relax, and more. Unfortunately not all games are educational and constructive. According to studies conducted by Harvard school of education, valuable educational games should spark curiosity in players, give players the choice of playing games they like, and provide a level of challenge that children can overcome. Cool math games for kids  have these attributes. Parents encourage children to play math games because of the benefits and children enjoy playing cool math games because they are truly interesting. This is why math games are successful with children and there are three main reasons why.


Math games spark curiosity in players


Math can be tough, uncreative, and abstract. Which is why children find it difficult to practice math and develop an interest in math. When math is paired with fun however, children are more likely to learn it. Games for kids with adhd that include fantasies, adventures, and role-playing, get children interested in math and spark their curiosity. Engaging story-lines within the games keep children engaged as they learn math simultaneously. When they enjoy math games, children are more likely to return to practice math and master the hard concepts. learning games for 6 year olds and fantasy games have other benefits too. Children who play these games have better imagination and are more socially adept. Role-playing games help children understand social situations and social cues. SKIDOS has developed games like Superstore Shopping mall which is a fun role playing game. SKIDOS has also developed games like Fantasy World and Smart Boo Bear which are great adventure games in which children are sure to get engaged. Naturally, these games include exercises and puzzles that teach math, geometry, and more.



Players have a wide choice of games


Children learn vastly better in safe spaces. Games can be played anytime and anywhere, which makes them a great tool for learning difficult subjects in a safe space at a time of the child's choosing. Not all children learn the best when they're taught in a standardized way, some children vastly benefit from personalized learning. Math games can be personalized to a child's needs. With these games children can learn individually, and they can focus on their strengths and weaknesses. Children naturally have different interests, not everyone likes adventure games or fantasy games. With math games children can personalize their learning and play games of their choice. We know children have different interests which is why SKIDOS has developed over 40 unique math games that are sure to interest and educate children. SKIDOS has racing games like Bike Racing, puzzle games like Go Ball, coloring games like color friends, and more!



Players get an adequate level of challenge


Overcoming an adequate level of challenge is important for children. This way they learn to build their confidence and learn to play through frustration. Learning to play through frustration helps kids learn mood regulation. However, a challenging math exercise or puzzle is not the only thing that is important. The gameplay needs to be challenging too. Games like Snow Race and Flipping Eck by SKIDOS offer challenging gameplay. Children can learn fine motor skills and develop their visuo-spatial ability while playing these games. SKIDOS makes games for children of all ages that include several levels of difficulty that can be selected. Cool math soccer games, racing games, and alphabet games develop children's confidence and problem solving skills while they learn math. Cool math games, soccer games like Street Soccer by SKIDOS are a great way for kids to play sports virtually and learn math.


In essence math games are successful because of the following benefits: they inspire curiosity in math among children, children have a wide choice of games, and math games build confidence among children after they master a challenge. Educational math games also help children build their perseverance, help them work through their frustration, relax, regulate their mood, and build social connections via multiplayer modes.


    While being educational and adhering to modern standards, math games should actually interest children. It is, however, difficult to find cool math games that are interesting, truly educational, and that include the latest curriculum. Which is why we are here to help! SKIDOS has developed cool math games that are interesting, include the new math curriculum and fit modern educational standards. SKIDOS games teach math, coding, language, geometry and many more subjects. SKIDOS has developed more than just cool math games, soccer games, and learning games. SKIDOS has over 40 games that include cool math soccer games, fantasy games, racing games, science games, coloring games, alphabet games, and more! With SKIDOS subscription up to 6 users can access an account. Parents can become their child’s media mentors by tracking their progress on the dashboard of every game. All SKIDOS games are safe, kid-friendly, and contain no ads. Check out all SKIDOS games and learn more about our subscription pass!




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