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The Phenomenom of jail break


By el hariti adilPublished about a month ago 3 min read

This chapter explores the phenomenon of the jail break, both in reality and in fiction. These stories imbued with resistance against confinement make a great impact on individuals thereby appealing to their innate call for freedom and justice. Let’s have a look at the way the jail break has been popularized in other media as well as cases of people pulling out stunts that fictionists can only marvel at.

Freedom from the captivity is a common theme in stories dating back to the old days, but only in century twenty was escape from the prison narration able to stand independently using different forms of media like books, cinema and the television. One of its oldest remarkable types is found in Alexandre Dumas' “The Count of Monte Cristo” where the hero devises a dramatic getaway plan from Château d’If thus creating way for many others which copied or adapted this idea.

Although the fiction can serve as a medium for day dreaming, sometimes what happens in reality surpasses our wildest imaginations. In history, several times, many so daring that those involved were even willing to die just to gain it, some people have broken out of jail.

It was in the year 1962 that one of the greatest prison breakouts in history occurred. This was when these three inmates, Frank Morris and the two Anglin brothers, successfully fled from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary which was supposed to be impregnable. This meticulously well thought out escape plan has been captured for posterity on film as ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ and remains a symbol of mankind’s ability to overcome great odds.

Another story that should make it to the list of extraordinary is that of Pascal Payet, a French criminal who from jail not once but twice escaped through hijacking helicopters. Payet is now famous for his daring escapes and he is considered a second Houdini by many who have had an opportunity to look at it in that respect; which captures the minds of people including writers of numerous novels and filmmakers till today.

There is something in the act of escaping from prison that always fascinates all of us. Basically, the interest is rooted in the common desire for liberty and fairness. Either in books or in life experiences, these narrations are founded on our original tendency to challenge those in power and to come out of enclosed spaces illustrating the prevalenthe ce of the human spirit over trials and tribulations.

Furthermore, the tales of the escaping process from prison possess an incomparable mix of thrill, enigma, and letting go of some huge feelings while involving people in a world characterized by the high stakes, meaning that every single little judgment made would decide whether one would obtain freedom – left alone becoming held captive. Our emotions get attached to the activities happening around the characters involved as much as we wish them to accomplish what they have set out on without noticing it’s not only challenges but the moral dilemmas too.

In another universe where our subtle bounds often make us who we become, prison break has always been a sign for a hope, resistance and liberty with no limits given. In portrayal or when they occur daily; these types of events bring back memories to us about the great human spirit that never dies no matter the situation one is faced with hence has ability to persevere in difficult times. Therefore whenever you happen to be surrounded by some kind of an adventurous narrative on escape- think about this- there is no condition under which an individual will fail to want his/her independence.

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