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The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy tales are a must-read book for every child

By zhangsanPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Fairy tales are a must-read book for every child. Today I would like to share the book "Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen", written by a Danish writer known as "the sun of the world children's literature".

In this book, there are strong and brave, pure and kind, as well as joy and longing. Thumbelina's small body contains a great deal of energy, people can not help but like this lovely and brave little girl. The ugly duckling after the cold and warm human feelings, the final gorgeous metamorphosis, into a difficult to reach the white swan. The vanity of the king was overrun by a naive child opened the cloak of hypocrisy. The little mermaid in order to be with her love, with a beautiful voice and three hundred years of life in exchange for the witch's wine, even if she got legs, every step like walking on the glass pain, to see the prince and someone else to marry, also willing to bless the prince. Then beautiful flowers, bloom and wither, then bright eyes of the meteor, a flash and fall, she came to the sea, eventually also into the beautiful foam, to the sea. In The Wild Swan, Elissa, though weak, defeats the much more powerful and powerful queen and bishop, and saves eleven brothers who have been magically transformed into swans. It was her courage, determination, and perseverance that made her succeed. It took great courage to face the stinging of the nettle and the pain of not being able to speak for a year. Even in the face of the bishop's punishment of framing her and burning her to death, she did not give up and kept going until the last minute, and finally finished her work. The pure goodness and ugliness of human nature are hidden in this small fairy tale book. The simple condensed language often contains rich knowledge and profound truth. Every time you read it, you will have a new experience.

Andersen's works faithfully reflect the real life of his time, with superb ideals, distinct political attitudes, likes and dislikes, and deep thinking about life, which he expressed through art. These works are permeated with a kind of moving poetry and artistic conception. Therefore, each of his works can also be called a poem, which plays an emotional sublimation role for readers. People find truth in it, the most honest and beautiful things and the best qualities in the human soul.

In his works, Andersen shows a unique temperament of innocence and simplicity. Like many ancient and modern Chinese and foreign excellent literary works. The heaven in the book is so "beautiful". Is everyone yearn for the place, "Andersen's Fairy tales" like a flower, blooming in everyone's heart. Hans Christian Andersen is such a fairy tale master, he moistened the hearts of generations of children with his fairy tales, and lit a warm lamp in everyone's heart.

Fairy tale contains the truth, plays an important role in life, although the fairy tale does not tell us the truth directly, but we can read the principle of life. This book, it let us understand what is good, hard-working, brave, strong, simple, healthy. The language in the fairy tale is vivid and beautiful, let us taste the rich culture from the book, feel the true meaning of life, experience the joy of life.

Life itself is a most beautiful fairy tale, fairy tale comes from life but beautiful in life. All adults were once children, though only a few of them remember it. Growth is irreversible, everyone will grow up inadvertently, we are slowly harvest, but also slowly lose. Harvest at the same time, gradually lose our innocence.

Even if youth is no longer, Zhuyan has changed, our hearts are still young, the smile on the face is still bright, keep a childlike innocence, keep a love of life, open-minded to the world.

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