The Dumbing Dumbness of Our Youth Thanks to our Education System

The future is looking scary when today's youth take over.

The Dumbing Dumbness of Our Youth Thanks to our Education System

I remember when I was younger, many years ago I am afraid, school was a place kids went to learn about English, science, history, math, perhaps learn a new language or a musical instrument. It was a place where I was taught, no encouraged, to think for myself. I loved to be in a class where we were encouraged to debate the topic of the day. I would purposely choose the least favorite aspect to debate the alternative view, even if I did not agree with it, just to keep the debate lively.

Elementary school, Middle School, High School and especially College were all places where you were supposed to learn independence of thought, freedom to pursue your own desires and beliefs, without judgement from your instructors. I remember learning about history from my teachers, actual-true history, not with judgement from my teachers, but just matter of fact; this is what happened during this time period. I remember hearing about the brave men and women who fought in each and every one of our wars, and why those wars happened. We learned about all the Presidents: their accomplishments and their failures. It was a time when freedom of speech was honored, freedom of thought was encouraged, freedom of religion was pretty much tolerated. No, it was not a perfect time, but then again, no period has been perfect. A time when we learned about the branches of Government, not with any partiality from our instructors, just with facts and knowledge. We learned about the Democrats and the Republicans: again with no preordained judgement.

Those were the good old days. Now our children are being indoctrinated by educators that seem to have an agenda to brainwash our youth. No more freedom of speech, no more freedom of religion, no more freedom of thought, instructors give extra credit if you agree with their politics, which seems to me to be, socialism and communism are good, capitalism is bad. It is a time when kids are treated with kid gloves. Do not get Johnny upset, or say anything that might offend him. Heck, we cannot say or do anything that might offend anyone. We must be politically correct always. Children must have time out areas: not as punishment, but to calm down when they are too stressed. We must speak in neutral tones and words. Boys cannot be boys, and girls cannot be girls, they are now both?! Still do not get that one. I have nothing against transgender, or homosexuals, but must it be pushed upon six year old's. Boys and girls are supposed to share a bathroom. What lunatic pushed that stupid agenda?

Parents are too busy to be involved in their kids lives or their school any longer I guess. Why else would parents tolerate this? I would be at the next school meeting demanding answers and change. Does no one care about today's kids or the future of our children. If people are so concerned about the future of our planet, shouldn't they be just as concerned about the future of it's people starting with today's children? I see the violence on today's campuses and our streets because people disagree with what is being said. It is scary to say the least. What good is a planet, if everyone is at war because they cannot agree with each other. I thought those ages passed long ago, but it seems history is repeating itself and it is ten times worse then before. At least then we had peaceful demonstrations, marches, picketing, chanting: now we just have violence and attacks against those who dare to think differently. I am glad I am getting old. I hate to see where this country, America, is heading. I do not think for one minute that the Earth will self destruct in twelve years if we continue to use plastic straws, but I do see an end to mankind if we continue down this path of self destruction starting with today's youth.

Our forefather's fought and died for our freedom, and it seems there are a lot of people, especially those teaching our youth, who do not want this country to be free any longer. It is a shame no one is standing up to these instructors who are pretending to be educators. There is a difference between actual freedom and free stuff, (Which really is really not free), I will always choose FREEDOM. How about you? America: Land of the Free, home of the Brave.

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