I want to begin Part 5 of "The Bougie Instructor", recapping the first four (4) variables into becoming and staying INIMITABLE:

VARIABLE 1: Purpose & Passion

VARIABLE 2: Values

VARIABLE 3: Open-mindedness

VARIABLE 4: Compassion

So that you know you have a sound understanding of these four variables, I want you to take a few minutes to explain each of these variables in your own words, before reading ahead.

How did you do? If you didn't do so well, take a moment to reread the previous episodes of my story. You'll be able to catch up with us when you're done. If you were able to explain these variables, come join me for the next ride.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, give a round of applause as I welcome to the stage, variable #5, "CREDIBILITY". Do you remember when folks used to determine a person's credibility by their "handshake"? I was never the one to judge a person's credibility by their handshake. Really! I wasn't. And, the reason I wasn't, was because there were times when my handshake was very laxed. I mean, sometimes, I just did not feel like shaking the person's hand and other times, I may have been a bit under the weather to give that handshake a Popeye grip. You know what I'm sayin'? I never even judged a person's credibility based on how they looked, how they were dressed and groomed, or how they spoke. But what I did base their CREDIBILITY on, was their PURPOSE, their PASSION, their VALUES as a human being and professional, their willingness to LISTEN and LEARN (the SPONGE), and their sense of COMPASSION, coupled with their COMPETENCE in the subject matter.

How well do you think your students find you CREDIBLE? Before you respond, let's look at the definition of CREDIBILITY. According to, CREDIBILITY is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust. Now, answer the question, "How well do you think your students find you credible?". You may use the scale pictured below to gauge your response.

Where on the credibility meter do you think your students would place you? If it's anywhere outside of the "GREEN", you have mucho work ahead of you...really, you do!

CREDIBILITY is probably the single most outstanding variable in the Chain of Becoming Inimitable that will crumble you from start to finish. The reason I say this is because, no matter which generation you teach, whether it be the Baby Boomers, Gen X, the Millennials, or the Gen Z population, if your students do not perceive you to be trustworthy, you will lose their RESPECT. And once lost, it will take an army of charisma and creativity to regain that respect and trust. And if you don't have it at the very beginning, you might as well drop to your knees and begin to Pray for a miracle. Especially, if you teach the Millennials or Gen Z, because we all know how presumptuous they can be at times!

So, how do you present or demonstrate your CREDIBILITY?

1. BE who you are and remain that way.

2. Be COMPETENT in what you do and teach, and with what you expect your students to have the ability to do.

3. HONOR your classroom guidelines. Don't be a "DO AS I SAY, AND NOT WHAT I DO" type of teacher. REMEMBER, although your students may NOT be listening to your every word, I can guarantee you that they are πŸ‘€WATCHINGπŸ‘€ your every move.

4. RESPECT is EARNED. If you do not demonstrate respect for your students, what makes you think they are going to return the favor?

5. If my memory serves me correct, we all became teachers, instructors, and trainers to make a difference in someone's life. DON'T FORGET THAT!

I hope you are enjoying and gaining some insight from my stories. The only way I will know this is if you πŸ’– my stories. And if you leave me a TIP, oh boy, then I'll know that you're not only enjoying my stories, but that you are actually LOVING them! And if you are loving my stories, you will stay tuned for Part 6 of "THE BOUGIE INSTRUCTOR".

Ooh! "REST STOP - 2 MILES". Let's pull over and take a rest while more people read and πŸ’•my stories!

Julie Ann Reynolds, LVN, C-NM, QCP

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