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Teaching English Abroad with TESOL Qualification

TESOL refers to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It is a window to a career in teaching English in a foreign country.

By Amara GomezPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Teaching abroad may be the goal of many persons who take up courses like TESOL course online. TESOL refers to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It is a window to a career in teaching English in a foreign country.

How to teach English abroad?

Teaching the English language abroad typically entails the delivery of English classes in a foreign country. But the specific aspects of doing the same vary widely. Following are some modes to teach English abroad.

  • teach the language in a public or private school in a foreign nation.
  • teach in an English Language Institute, which holds part-time classes.
  • teach at an institute preparing students for tests of proficiency in English language tests
  • work for companies delivering Business English classes.
  • teach in the role of a digital nomad as a virtual teacher for students in foreign countries
  • teach as a freelancer, in-person or online. An example is coaching private students in the online mode or even setting up a brick-and-mortar English institute in a foreign country.

Why teach abroad?

There are numerous benefits of teaching English abroad. Following are some objectives for people to seek jobs of teaching English abroad:

  • Get paid to explore other countries and experience a wide array of cultures. A great way to fund foreign travel is to teach English abroad.
  • Connect with persons from all around the world. Whether it is to connect with fellow TESOL teachers or to make life-long friendships with others, meeting individuals from around the world is a major perk of teaching abroad.
  • Gain skills that are transferable while switching jobs. Though you are, of course, gaining experience in English teaching, you will also hone skills that are valuable for companies, like skills of organization, adaptability, and communication. Such skills can be transferred to other industries when you try to switch careers.
  • There is much stability in the global market for English teaching. You may desire to teach English virtually or in person, but the good news is that the industry of English teaching has endured much economic downturns and even survived the Pandemic. There is a constant demand for persons globally to learn the language, and hence the demand for teachers is still on the rise.
  • The teaching of English is a great method to qualify for visas to stay and work in foreign countries. There are several schools and government programs that will sponsor visas for persons to work as English teachers.
  • Working abroad, you can learn a new language. By going abroad to teach English, you can submit yourself to interactions in a foreign language to pick it up faster.
  • Working abroad is also highly rewarding. The ability to help other persons to use the language, get new jobs, qualify for a raise, gain entry to foreign universities etc, are much more satisfying aspects of teaching English abroad.

Does it pay well?

As a teacher, you will be quite eager to know how much you can potentially earn while teaching abroad. But the answer depends on many factors, including where you will teach. For instance, some regions like the Middle East offer highly competitive salaries to teachers.

Another factor is the cost of living. For instance, teaching in South America will fetch less pay, but you can save much on the cost of living.

Then there is the factor of your qualifications. You can command better pay with formal qualifications like TESOL/TEFL/TESL, etc. Teaching experience is another factor that counts, especially in the Middle East.

In sum, these are the major factors impacting your work of teaching English abroad.


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