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Success does not come to us; we must actively strive for it

Every person in the world is unique. You may lag behind others in one aspect, but undoubtedly, there is an area where you excel over others

By qiang chenPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori once said, "To have a wonderful life, the prerequisite is to exert efforts no less than anyone else. Besides working hard, there is no second path to success." Truly, these words hold merit.

A person who has experienced adversity but still believes in kindness, loves life sincerely, and genuinely loves others and the world around them will eventually rise above the mire and live a noble and remarkable life. One may encounter misfortune, but one must not embody a defeated spirit. Bad luck is life's teasing, while being dispirited is self-abandonment. With spirit and vigor intact, the future will not be lacking. If you don't save yourself, no one else can save you. Many people in adversity tend to neglect their appearance. In fact, the opposite is true. If a person looks downcast, their entire essence and vitality are lost. With the loss of spirit, one crumbles. There will be no chance for a turnaround. When observing a person going through adversity, it is important to note if they still maintain an indomitable spirit. Such individuals will eventually make a comeback.

Some say that success is due to encountering and seizing opportunities. However, the truth is that many people encounter opportunities, but seizing them requires competence. Opportunities are prepared for those who are ready, and competence is your irreplaceable skill. If a person does not cultivate genuine skills throughout their life, even when they encounter a golden opportunity, it will become a stumbling block.

Around us, we often come across those outstanding individuals who stand out and possess a vision. Their excellence is not intimidating; what is truly awe-inspiring is that despite their excellence, we see no trace of them indulging themselves. They continue to strive diligently every day, displaying not an ounce of arrogance or complacency. This is what makes them fearsome.

Every person in the world is unique. You may lag behind others in one aspect, but undoubtedly, there is an area where you excel over others. The important thing is to diligently discover your strengths. Once you identify an area where you excel, a remarkable aspect, believe that it is your talent meant for something specific, and put forth your utmost effort. Take a look at successful individuals; aren't they doing what they excel at? As long as you persevere, one day, you will achieve great things. However, around us, we painfully discover that many people do not know their own strengths and are not engaged in what they excel at. Consequently, a lifetime of obscurity becomes difficult to avoid.

Perseverance is needed in everything we do, even in the smallest tasks. If you spend three days fishing and two days sunbathing, the result will be abandonment halfway through. Success is achieved through persistent and unwavering efforts. No one can achieve instant success or reach the other side of success within a few days. Success has no shortcuts or secrets. Firstly, it requires the accumulation of time, whereby you invest more effort than anyone else in the same matter. Secondly, it necessitates the accumulation of experience, gradually finding the best methods through continuous efforts. Lastly, it demands lifelong hard work and endurance.

Qian Zhongshu once said, "Life is nothing more than staying at home, going out, and coming back home." Normally, one-third of our time is spent outside, and two-thirds at home. However, many people fail to infuse this majority of their time with poetic beauty. Many people simply drift through each day, and one reason for this is that they are not engaged in work they truly love. I have always believed that as long as you love your work, even in the face of immense effort, it won't feel burdensome. Similarly, if it is something you love, no matter how hard you work, you will willingly devote yourself to it.

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