Starting Out: Lots Of Firsts

What College Has Been Like For Me

Starting Out: Lots Of Firsts
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College is the gateway from childhood to adulthood. The place where you realize putting off assignments doesn't fly anymore. High school, middle school, even elementary school assignments were accepted late and teachers worried if you had an F at the end of the semester. Those were the times when teachers cared enough to help you get that F to at least a B-, the times when you could go out and not care about school because "she said I can turn it in late".

My whole life, from the time I discovered school was even a thing, I procrastinated. I did my work at the last minute, sometimes didn't even turn it in. Fifth grade year was my worst, my mom had to pin my work to my shirt in order for it to get turned in, for about a week straight. Middle school I got better about doing my work and turning it in, until I discovered a secret I wish I never did... Most teachers are willing to work with you to get grades up. That's when I would let my grades slip up, tell my parents my homework was done when it wasn't, just so I could go out. By every nine weeks report card, though, I had A's and B's when I should've had D's and F's. High school, however, was when it really bit me in the butt. I procrastinated the ACT, scholarship applications, homework; If it could be procrastinated, I procrastinated it. Despite all the procrastination, though, I still got good grades, graduated with a 3.6 and got scholarships starting my second semester of college. With that, I absentmindedly believed I could get away with all the same stuff in college, because I already had.

College is a cruel world of "give me all your money" and "I don't care if you pass as long as I get paid." I am a freshman at New Mexico State. The one school I genuinely wanted to avoid, but soon realized I was the biggest fan of. They gave me scholarships, seemingly easy classes and I get to do it all from home! Boy was I DEAD WRONG!

I started out strong, thinking I only had a few assignments a week, I can manage. Until I let myself fall behind. I caught back up eventually... Just to fall back behind again. When I do homework I end up doing it in 3-4 assignments at a time because I was too lazy to do them individually at the time they were actually due. It's not like they're hard to do either, it's usually just reflections and analysis', but I get invited to do things, or turn on the TV and BOOM I am INSTANTLY distracted and nothing is getting done. Now my insurance is asking for my GPA so I can get $60 off a month, and do I have a qualifying GPA? No, no I don't. I knew this was coming too, I knew they would randomly ask in the MIDDLE of the semester, but did I put in my best to save money? Again, No I did not!

College is nothing, and everything I was expecting. I was expecting parties and tailgates and being able to put off assignments until, literally, the last day. But instead I was generously greeted with the exact opposite. I get no slack in deadline, usually, hardly anytime to hangout with friends because I have work on top of school, and tests... lots AND LOTS of tests!

I don't know about you guys, but man do I need to get my s#!* together!

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