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Some things they should have thought us in school

by Giorgi Mikhelidze about a year ago in high school
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Are subjects that are taught in schools really enough for the outside world?

School is one of the most important institutions when it comes to the development of the person. Among the educational institutions, it is where we spend most of the time and it is the place where we learn some of the basics of socialization and social life. The schooling system is different in every country and thus students all over the world have different programs. Though some of the subjects and materials remain the same for everyone. Maths, biology, chemistry, grammar, and some more are the subjects mostly learned by everyone.

While the education system varies, some of the countries have it more sophisticated, while others have more failures. None of the education systems is perfect, though some are definitely more efficient and progressive than others. Many experts and industry representatives have not once outlined the importance of the school and the knowledge pupils get from there. With time we see the role of school in a completely different way. It is not only the institution where pupils should learn the basics of physics, but also a place which should prepare them for adult life. This brings us to a completely new challenge, the subjects that remain untaught at school.

The basics of human rights

After school people whether taking a gap year or continuing education at the university or college. This obviously is the new level in every person's life. During the following several years, those students who finished school will have to find their first job and have to join certain classes and communities at the university. Not everyone might be lucky enough to get to the society which is not discriminating or taking advantage of each other.

Here comes the problem of the lack of knowledge. Without knowing basic human rights and the obligations of the employer or the employee it is hard to defend yourself from injustice. The school never gave those people the opportunity to learn what to do when someone is violating their rights at work or at the university. The school never gave people the opportunity to learn that the employee and the employer both have obligations in front of the law.

The taxes and Oh’s

Whenever we start working and have our own salary, only then comes the question of where does our full salary go. It is not until we move out that we understand that there are certain fees and taxes that we need to pay monthly. Never did I know what was the difference between gross and net until I had to indicate it in the work statement.

Everything has taxes and we all pay taxes, yet until we pay the tax, we earn money, but even when we earn money we get it already taxed. There is no subject, not even a chapter in the school book that talks about the taxes. The closest we get to the taxes at school is a calculation of the percentages.

Yet, whenever we find our first job and at the end of the month receive it partially, the big question mark exists, where did the rest of the money go? Even when someone decides to be self-employed and to earn money via methods like trading, there are taxes no one warned us about. Even while trading forex, where the trade happens online and there are mostly currency pairs involved, there are taxes on FX profits, meaning that the final profit that we get is often lower than expected. The taxes on profit exist in every single business, and while initially making a business plan and counting the potential profit, hardly ever anyone excludes the taxes. Because no one told us to do so.

Sex Education

This is one of the most discussed and controversial topics among teachers, students as well as parents. While it is officially proven that it is better to have sex education in the curriculum to keep kids safe and healthy, there are still many opposers of this idea. The studies have shown that there are many problems that are linked to unhealthy sexual activity or there are many problems that cause unhealthy sexual activity.

Simply informing kids about the potential risks of unprotected sex or the consequences of misinformation, may save someone's life and prevent the development of many diseases such as HIV. Moreover, simply providing enough information regarding the relevant self-protection methods will make everyone's life a lot easier. There will be fewer surprises present in that aspect of our lives. Having a healthy sexual life is equally important as having a healthy working or living environment.

Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important aspects when we wake up in an extremely stressful and busy world. Mental health issues are very real and they are present in our daily lives. Yet, we do not pay enough attention or prefer to ignore them. Depression is something especially common. Over 60% of university students have developed depression or early signs of it. Just because of the fact that those people do not know how to treat it, or do not know that they have the right to take a rest and take some time off from studies makes their mental health cross the edge.

Some schools have already adopted psychologists and have social classes where the professionals and industry experts host lessons and talk about the most common causes of social anxiety, or depression, about the symptoms, and what actions can be made. Though in order to implement it fully, some more time is needed.

One way or another, the school systems that we have today are definitely inefficient and lack many important subjects that need to be addressed and the school age. Especially during the teenage years, it is important to educate pupils regarding their further responsibilities and to prepare them for real-life when they have to pay for their living. Otherwise, what we get is the birds with the pink sunglasses fly into the grey world where they have to fight for their ability to fly and fight for their basic human rights.

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