Real Talk—Uni

by Kippy S 2 years ago in college

Part 1

Real Talk—Uni

So you're thinking about going to uni?

Why? Ask yourself.

Don't do it because everyone else expects you to or because you feel like you can't go anywhere or do anything else. Do it because you want to, and honestly, in my personal opinion, if you really need it for what you want to do. This may sound negative, but it isn't meant in that way, just in a way to make you think about if you really want/need it.

Here's what really happens...just remember, everyone has a different story. And there's always bad in the good and good in the bad.

You'll be finishing your A levels or a course at college, thinking about your next step. Uni? Looking at UCAS, people will be excited for you, tell you how it will be the best thing ever (even if they have never been), you'll meet your friends for life there. So now you've applied, you're waiting for your A level results, and for your first choice uni to email you, and if you receive an unconditional offer, it is the best feeling ever! Fast forward a few months, you've picked your uni and secured accommodation on campus, filled with excitement. It's a week until you move away from home for the first time (unless you already have). You're busy meeting up with everyone, saying goodbye to your school friends, family, even people you probably haven't seen in a few years, and everyone is wishing you the best.

Next thing you know, your family has dropped you off at uni, you're miles from home, sat in a room with boxes of your stuff, so excited for what uni holds...S***, I'm in a room alone and I know nobody! That is exactly what went through my head. Before this, it was I'm going to have independence, do whatever I want, whenever I want! Everything I ever wanted, but I was not good with meeting new people (uni did help with this), so I played my guitar a little too calm...not that I can actually play it (three years later and I still can't). Eventually, I poke my head out the door...

The first person I met lived in my corridor. This was the person I ended up hating in the end, along with a few others. Uni gives you a whole new perspective on things, especially people. Second person, I still live with her, third person another I now despise...fourth is my current boyfriend, future husband (did not go there for that or see that coming) and the other person in the corridor, didn't see her much (mature student—another thing you will encounter). After meeting everyone, it wasn't so scary. The one I now hate was also doing a science degree (I'm a Zoology undergraduate as of present) so I was happy knowing I'd know someone else in some lectures.

The first morning of uni, "Introduction day," I was so excited...up early, showered, breakfasted, and even put some makeup on, which is rare for me. We went to the lecture hall—all these new students, all our first day, it was buzzing with excitement. You will get a badge or a sticker to write your name and course on...turn to your neighbour and get to know them! Hell, for most people it wasn't so bad. We were all in the same boat.

I got comfortable. I used to go home to work the weekends, but eventually stopped because I was loving the life of living away from home. I also made a few friends on my course due to mutual interests (food, of course). I cooked practically every day for everyone. Someone's birthday? Yes, I'll bake you a cake! You know what, it's not even an occasion, I'm going to bake some cookies because I can! Bring a friend, I'll feed them too!

First semester over and back home for Christmas! Free food. No you will not say no to that...also, I almost forgot to mention how unfair the student loan system is (coming soon). You will either be poor or rich. So enjoy Christmas either way, and the January off with no exams...I went back to uni, and that's where it all went downhill. The first person I met, the person I went to lecturers with, he betrayed my trust enorm—honestly, there isn't even a word for it...I can't say what, but I'm going to sum the after events real quick for you. I told my friends after a few days. After a few months at the uni, he was banned from halls, then campus...eventually he left. A whole bunch of counseling and CBT oh, and I went to the police, but not much came from that. Sooooo it was awful. I had to mitigate an assignment, the other one I said I also ended up hating turned on me too (made my life hell), but every cloud has a silver lining. I became closer than ever with the two people I still liked and had a great summer. So just remember, even if you live with them, you still don't know them...

But I survived...and so can you, just know it isn't all peachy for everyone.

I will write about my second year was better than the first but other horrors, including a shared house...

Kippy S
Kippy S
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