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Nico Ann Deneault : A biography of GG Allin's daughter

Daughter of famous rock dinger

By zulmai khanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Nico Ann Deneault : A biography of GG Allin's daughter
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Nico Ann Deneault came into the limelight after being born the daughter of GG Allin is a famous rock singer and songwriter who has worked with many bands.

First years

Nico Ann Deneault was born in the United States, and his date of birth is March 13, 1986 . She was born to her parents, Tracy Deneault and Jesus Christ Allin. This young and talented personality has reached the age of 35, which is shocking because she looks much younger than people her age and is aging like a fine wine.

Nico Ann Deneault holds American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Furthermore, she belongs to the strong and independent zodiac sign Pisces, which reflects personality traits such as strength and coolness, and she is a follower of Christianity.

Physical Appearances

Nico Ann Deneault is a tall person, of average height, who has maintained an average height. 55 kg . Additionally, she kept her body measurements unknown, including her chest measurement, waist measurement, and hip measurement. However, she has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes.


Nico Ann Deneault attended a local high school where she completed her secondary education and later joined a reputed university to continue her studies. However, there is no information about his college and high school.

Professional life

Nico Ann Deneault has not revealed his career, but his father was a rock singer who worked with several bands and was known for questionable live performances, which regularly featured transgressive behavior.

More information about his parents

Nico Ann Deneault's father married Sandra Farrow on October 6, 1978, but their relationship did not last long and they divorced in 1985. However, the reason for their divorce is unknown.

In the mid-1980s, his father also had a relationship with Tracy Deneault, a young woman from Texas who became pregnant after a long affair. After that, Tracy and Allin were blessed with a daughter named on March 13, 1986.

When he died, he was in love with Liz Mankowski, who was 17.


Nico Ann Deneault has not been involved in controversy, but her father has been accused of ambush with intent to inflict actual extreme harm, not as much as the murder of a companion in Ann Arbor at the end of 1989.

He initially claimed she was a willing participant in their sexual activities, but later admitted to cutting her up, devouring her and even drinking her blood while asking her to do the same.

Due to this incident, he was detained from December 25, 1989 to March 26, 1991.

Death of Nico Ann Deneault’s father

Nico Ann Deneault's father, GG Allin, was performing at a small club called The Gas Station on June 27, 1993. He was also followed by a huge crowd of fans as he walked barefoot down the road, wearing shorts covered in blood. Finally, after 60 minutes of meandering through the avenues, he went to the Condo of his friend Johnny Puke.

Separating from his partner, he overdosed on drugs and fell unconscious during the event, ingesting a large quantity of heroin. He announced his death at the scene on June 28 from the effects of a heroin overdose. His funeral took place at St. Rose Cemetery in Littleton, New Hampshire on July 3, 1993

Where is Nico Ann Deneault now?

Nico Ann Deneault, the famous child currently lives in the suburbs of the United States. Despite being the only child of renowned singer GG Allin, Nico leads a normal and mysterious life after her father's death.

DeNeault's father, GG Allin died at the age of 36 on June 28, 1993 in Manhattan, New York. Nico, 34, is neither available on social media nor seen after her parents separated in 1985. Even before her parents separated, she c


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