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New Century Place: A Student Accommodation Reading with a Lot to Offer

Offer available in Student Accommodation Reading

By Tessa youngPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Student accommodation reading

New Century Place is a perfect student accommodation Reading here he residents can enjoy modern amenities, have fun with friends, and can spend their years of study in full comfort. It is a well-built as well as modern accommodation with the availability of everything that the students of today except in a place of stay.

This student accommodation Reading is located in an area that is well-connected to the city with public transport. The near bus stop takes 2-minutes to reach on foot.

On the other hand, New Century Place has a lot to offer to the students. Here is what you can get in this place of accommodation.

Excellent Studio Accommodation Reading

Prominently, there is only one type of accommodation available at this place, and it is the studio. But, the studios available here have several types. There are six types of studios available here among which you can choose the best one according to your requirements.

These six types of studios available in this place include:

  • Executive Studio
  • Executive Premium Studio
  • Executive Premium Plus Studio
  • Executive Superior Studio
  • Executive Luxury Studio
  • Executive Compact Studio

In all these places of accommodation, you find a fully fitted kitchen with a cooking hob, microwave, and fridge. It also has a dishwasher to wash the dishes.

Security Features Instilled

Security Features Installed

Security is necessary at every place of accommodation and New Century Place is also not devoid of it. Full security is provided to the students here.

For instance, the students can keep their belongings safe due to the availability of secure door entry. On the other hand, CCTV cameras were installed at the property. Therefore, anything suspicious was addressed easily after monitoring the activities.

Outdoor Area for Fresh Air

Fresh air is necessary for good health without any second thought. Therefore, the arrangement of the outdoor areas done for the residents at this place of accommodation. The students staying here can roam in that area and can take the fresh air. Besides, they can also meet other residents in the outdoor area.

Common Area to Meet Other Residents

A common area is also designed to especially facilitate the students to meet other residents. This is a perfect place to befriend other residents. Moreover, this is a place where you can take the help of other residents in your studies whenever required. On the other hand, you can also offer help in their studies and can build a good rapport among them.

Stay Fit at the Gym inside the Property


Workout at the gym is a hobby of a number of students. On the other hand, it is helpful for the students to keep their bodies in shape and for bodybuilding purposes. This is why a fully-equipped gym is one of the most popular modern amenities at the places of accommodations in the present scenario.

At New Century Place also, students find a fully-equipped gym, where they get all the arrangements for workouts.

Wi-Fi and Heating – Billed Facilities for Students

Wi-Fi and heating – these are the billed facilities that are needed in most of the places of accommodation.

The internet is one of the most important things today needed by everyone. Shopping, online classes, completion of projects & assignments, and a lot of other tasks are accomplished via the internet. So, Wi-Fi is provided to the students here, through which they can connect their laptops and smartphones to the internet.

On the other hand, heating is needed to keep the rooms warm in extreme winter. In cold nations like the United Kingdom, this service is considered necessary. You can find the heating facility in the studios in New Century Place.

Laundry Room for Keeping Your Clothes Up-to-Date

You can keep your clothes up-to-date in the laundry room of this property. Either you need to go to university or you have to visit a place for sightseeing, this small yet important facility helps you with washed clothes.

Places for Sightseeing in Reading

When you are staying in student accommodation Reading, then it is quite obvious that you would like to visit several places sightseeing. Reading is a place with a lot of parks and gardens. Many other tourist destinations can be visited while staying here.

Some of the popular attractions in Reading include Basildon Park, Beale Park, Wellington Country Park, The Museum of English Rural Life, Forbury Gardens, Reading Festival, Reading Abbey Ruins, The Hexagon, etc.

Final Thoughts

New Century Place is a destination where you can spend some memorable years of your lifetime. While living here, you get some new experiences. You enjoy the company of new friends who have arrived here from different parts of the world.

Moreover, you get an opportunity here to explore Reading city. Hopefully, you will be able to spend your best years of life during your stay in New Century Place.


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