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Microsoft Azure Tutorial

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers an array of services we can avail of without having to purchase or arrange our hardware.

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers an array of services we can avail without having to purchase or arrange our hardware. It allows for the rapid development of solutions and offers the necessary resources to finish tasks that might not be possible in an on-premises system. Azure Services such as storage, compute networks, application, and compute services let us concentrate on building amazing solutions without having to worry about the construction of infrastructure physical.

This course teaches the fundamentals of Azure that will give users with an understanding about the Azure important services will likely be required to be aware of in order to develop solutions. Once we have completed this course, we will be able to get through job interviews and be have the opportunity to obtain various Microsoft Azure certifications.

What exactly is Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of cloud computing solutions created by Microsoft which hosts your applications already in place, helps streamline the development of new applications as well as improves the functionality of our on-premise applications. It aids companies in developing tests, deploying and managing their applications and services by using Microsoft-managed data centers.

Azure Services

  • Compute services include Microsoft Azure Cloud Services: It includes Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Website along with Azure Mobile Services, which handles the data in the cloud, with the help strong processors.
  • Data services Data services: This service is used to store data on the cloud, which can be scaled in accordance with the needs. It comprises Microsoft Azure Storage (Blob, Queue Table as well as Azure File services), Azure SQL Database, and the Redis Cache.
  • Services for application development: This comprises services that assist us in the development and operation of our application, such as Microsoft's Azure Active Directory, Service Bus to connect to distributed networks, HDInsight which processes big amounts of data as well as the Azure Scheduler as well as Microsoft's Azure Media Services.
  • Network services: They allow users connect to the cloud infrastructure and on-premises including Virtual Networks, Azure Content Delivery Network as well as Azure Traffic Manager. Azure Traffic Manager.

What is Azure? Azure functions

To know the inner workings of Azure to be able to develop our applications for Azure efficiently with high availability and data residency, as well as resilience and more.

What exactly is AzureMicrosoft Azure is completely based on the idea of virtualization. As such, like other data centers with virtualization there are racks. Each rack is equipped with its own power unit and a network switch. Additionally, every rack is connected to an application called Fabric-Controller. The Fabric-controller software is distributed software, and is in charge of controlling and monitoring servers in the rack. If there is a server malfunction the Fabric-controller detects it and repairs it. Each Fabric-Controllers are, in turn linked to a piece of software known as Orchestrator. Orchestrator is a web-based application that includes Rest APIs to build, update and remove resources.

If a request is submitted by the user, either via PowerShell or Azure portal. The first step is to send it to the Orchestrator. There, it will do three things:

  1. authenticate the user
  2. It will authorize an individual user i.e. the application will determine if the user is authorized to complete the requested task.
  3. It will search the database to determine space availability in relation to the resources, and forward the request to the relevant Azure Fabric controller that will execute the request.

Combinations of racks make up clusters. There are many clusters in the data center, and it is possible to have multiple Data Centers in an Availability zone, several Availability zones within a Region and multiple regions within a geography.

  1. Geographies: It's a distinct market, which usually comprising two or more areas, which protects data residency as well as limits on compliance.
  2. Azure regions A region is a group of data centers located within a predefined perimeter and linked by a dedicated low-latency regional network.

Azure has more regions in the world that any other cloud service that offers the scalability necessary to bring users and applications closer to the globe. Azure is available in more than 50 countries across the globe. Because it is available in numerous regions, it aids to ensure that data is kept in place and provides comprehensive flexibility and compliance to the users.

What exactly is AzureThe availability zones are the physically distinct locations in the Azure region. Each of them comprises at least one data center, each with its own configuration.

Azure Pricing

It's one of the most important reasons to master Microsoft Azure. Because Microsoft offers free credits within the Azure account to use Azure services for during a limited time. This credit is suitable for people who are just beginning their journey to Microsoft Azure and want to utilize Azure services.

Microsoft offers a pay-as you-go service which allows organizations to meet their customers' needs. Cloud services typically will be charged on the basis of use. Flexible pricing options help in scaling up and down the cloud architecture to suit the requirements of our clients.

Azure Certification

  • Microsoft Azure helps to fill the requirements of the industry and the resources accessible. Microsoft Azure provides Azure Certification into three major categories:
  • Azure Administrator: People who manage, implement and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions, including important services.
  • What exactly is AzureAzure Developer: The people who create, design tests, and maintain cloud-based solutions, including services and applications, working together with cloud solution designers cloud DBAs cloud administrators and customers to deploy the solutions.
  • What exactly is AzureAzure Solution Architects: Those who are knowledgeable in compute storage, network and security in order to create solutions on Azure.
  • What exactly is AzureEach of these certifications is broken down into various levels. If someone is looking to become certified at the beginning, he/she needs to obtain an associate level certification before moving on to the advanced stage.


In the beginning, before Learning AWS, one should be familiar with cloud computing and the fundamentals of computers.


This Microsoft Azure tutorial is designed for students and IT professional who're just beginning to learn about Cloud Computing and want to follow or change their career as a Microsoft Azure Developer or Administrator.

The purpose of this tutorial

We will look at the broad overview the cloud computing ecosystem, including the inside workings of Azure and how they allocates resources. Following that, we'll explore the various areas that comprise Azure Services i.e. storage services, compute services, N/w Services, App services Data Bases, Analytics, Data integration services, Internet of Things Security services Monitoring and Diagnostics and tools. This tutorial will also give you the concept about making VMs websites, storage and website accounts, etc. If you're seeking for more detailed info about Azure, it is accessible by a thorough preparation through Azure training in Bangalore.


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