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Chemistry is of the three major branches of science, including physics and biology. With chemistry, a student comes to know about various elements and compounds of atoms, molecules, and ions. Chemistry seeks to understand the properties of matter and the way matter changes.

If you are stuck with chemical equations, get help from the chemistry solution manuals. The chemistry textbook solution manual is available on various academic platforms. But if you want your solution manuals to be acceptable quality and error-free, you should get them from Crazy for Study.

Chemistry and its Branches

Chemistry provides a foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines at a fundamental level. It focuses on the minutest of particles of matter. From atoms to the mole and the amount of a substance, it takes a look at all.

There are many specialized fields of chemistry, like food chemistry, environmental chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. But the significant branches of chemistry include analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry.

Analytical Chemistry

It involves the analysis of chemicals. Analytical Chemistry involves qualitative and quantitative methods, like observing color changes and examining wavelengths, respectively. It helps scientists characterize different properties of chemicals and benefit society in varied ways.

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry takes the concepts from physics to see the way chemistry works. It figures how atoms move and interact with each other. It helps study certain materials and the way the materials react with the different chemicals.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry deals with chemical compounds that contain carbon. It studies the composition, properties, and reactions of such compounds. It is helpful in many applications such as biotechnology, the petroleum industry, etc.

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry studies the chemical compounds in non-living things such as metals and minerals. It is used to create a variety of products such as paints, sunscreens, fertilizers, etc.


It uses chemical techniques to understand the way biological systems work at a chemical level. With biochemistry, researchers have been able to figure out the human genome and understand the way different kinds of proteins function in the body. Biochemistry has helped develop a cure for many diseases.

Why are solution manuals of chemistry necessary?

With the solution manuals of chemistry, students in trouble can get help! Students, who have part-time jobs and have difficulty managing time between studies and work, get a lot of benefit from solution manuals of chemistry.

Students who feel that they are not good enough for the subject or have low confidence also find solution manuals very helpful. It helps them understand better and boost their confidence.

But with the increasing importance of digitalized content, solution manuals have been an easy target for forgery. Students should be careful while selecting a solution manual. A solution manual is meant to be used only in doubts and not as a source of every answer.

Students should not follow solution manuals blindly. He/she make sure to understand the concept properly. Copying materials from the solution manuals without understanding during the exams might lend the students in trouble.

Which solution manuals can be trusted?

The solution manuals from Crazy for Study can be considered trustworthy. It is an online platform that helps students with instant homework and assignment. It also has access to more than fifty million solution manuals.

There are numerous chemistry textbook solutions at Crazy for Study. They range from general chemistry to organic chemistry and many more.

Advantages of CFS’S solution manuals

Stepwise guidance

The solution manuals provide a detailed step-by-step guide to the course oriented textbook questions. It helps the students get a better grasp of the different concepts.


The solution manuals provide 100% authentic and lucid content. The writers are subject matter experts who make sure that they write original content and not copy from other sources. The subject matter experts have adequate knowledge in their respective fields of education.


The editing team checks every sentence meticulously to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. They ensure that the content is accurate and up to date before publishing. They publish polished content to the students.

Practice Questions and Reference materials

The solution manuals provide additional materials. The practice questions help the students understand better, and the reference materials help them analyze the different concepts and ideas. The solution manuals also have various quizzes to help them with better learning.


The solution manuals are available at affordable prices. Students from different financial backgrounds can get access to the solution manuals. They provide quality content at a cost-effective price.

Wide range of materials

Crazy for Study has access to more than fifty million textbook solutions. Each subject has a wide range of solution manuals from which the students can choose accordingly. It also includes almost all the essential topics of a particular subject. The students will not regret buying solution manuals from them.

Q/A forum

Crazy for Study's website also has a Q/A forum that helps students inquire about their doubts and queries. If the students subscribe, they can ask fifty new questions to the experts' team along with the pre-existing ones.

Easily accessible

The solution manuals are easily accessible. All the students need to do is subscribe! Get the digitalized versions of the solution manual in your pockets and enjoy your learning. The students do not have to rummage through different libraries or textbooks to find solutions to various questions. They can easily take help from the solution manuals.

With the chemistry solutions manual in hand, you can ace your results and take a step forward towards your dream job. So, what's stopping you? Subscribe at $7 per month and get the best lucrative academic help.

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