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How to Write Letters for Children - Teaching Writing ABC

for Preschool - Alphabet for Kids

By JOSHUA AGBOOLAPublished about a month ago 3 min read
How to Write Letters for Children - Teaching Writing ABC
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hello children Let us examine the technique of writing a slant down letter [music]. [Crowd cheers] The letter b pulls down to the top, around, and in, then back to the middle and around once more. A stands for alligator, alligator. [Crowd cheers] [Music] Be alright. Let's proceed to the following letter. the letter C turn around and retreat [Music] C stands for crab. [Music] crab Let's write the following letter, which is D. Then, pull down, return to the top, and circle D for [Music]. dolphin [Audio] dolphin [Audio]

Let's perform another pulldown crosswise at the top of the letter E. [Music] Elephant is represented by the letters across in the center and across at the bottom (applause). [Applause] [Music] pull down letter F across in the center crosswise [Crowd cheers] F stands for [Music]. [Music] Flamingo [Crowd cheers] Flamingo [Clap][Music]Time for the following letter, G [Music]a circular up pull across and back in [Music][Crowd cheers]I am a draft [music] g stand for God.[Music] Next, we will study the letter. h [Music] draw down over draw down [music] [Crowd cheers] H stands for horse in music. horse [Soundtrack] The letter that comes next is simple: I pull down the letter I for iguana [music]. Iguana On to the next one, please. The pull-down curve around the letter j signifies [Music]. [Music] Jellyfish jellyfish

Let's perform one more letter k [music]. lower tilt upward [Applause] [Music] tilt downward[Crowd cheers]K stands for koala.[Soundtrack] Koala[Music] Alright, let's move on to the next letter: l. Pull down [Music] across l to reveal ladybug [Music]. [Music] Alright, kids Let's move on to the next one: M stands for monkey. Pull down, slit down, slant up, m [Music] Monkey

Let's draft the upcoming letter the alphabet [Music][Applause] Pull down, slant down, pull up, is for narwhal [music].Narwhal Letter O turn back and shut [Music][Music] O is for octopus. Octopus[Music][Music]Let's write the next letter, which is P. Pull down, turn around, and get to the top in [Music] [Applause] The letter P stands for panda. [Music] Panda[Music] Can you predict which one will come next? Indeed, you are correct. correspondence q slant down and pull back and around [Music] Q stands for Queen [Music]. Now let's move on to the next. the alphabet [Music] lower [music] Return to the top in [Music] and tilt downward [Applause] [Music] R is for rabbit. bunny [Soundtrack] It's time for the subsequent player to pull back in, circle, and repeat [Applause] [Soundtrack] she [Music] Afterwards, we will study the letter T (Music) on the upward [music] downward [applause] [Music] It's for Tucana. Tucana [Music]

Let's proceed to the following letter, u [Music]. pull down, around, and upward [Crowd cheers] [Music] u is for Urriel, uriel [Music] The letter v is the one we will be working on next. [Music] tilt downward, tilt upward [applause] The letter v stands for [Music]. Vulture [Music] Vulture [Music] The letter w [Music] is going to be the next cool one. tilt downward [Music] tilt upward and downward [music] tilt upward [Applause] W stands for "worm worm." [Music] & [Music] the following letter, X, slant down out. tilt down to [Acclamation] [Sound] [Sound] Zinarthra [Music] [Music] Nearly there [Applause] Letter Y slant down slant down and pull down [Music] y stands for [music]. Yak yak [Music] Lastly, the letter z, the final letter [Music] spanning slanting downward over [Crowd cheers] Z stands for [Music]. Zebra [Soundtrack] Zebra

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