How to Survive Exams

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How to Survive Exams

Last week I had the finals (I'm really hoping for the best) and I was so nervous. Before the exam, so many people gave me advices - some of them really good. And I discovered some interesting things. With everything I found out, I present you: How to survive exams


1. Don't let people make you more nervous than you already are.

I hate this. I really don't get why people are constantly telling us how important are those exams. Like we don't know! Like we are not stressed enough! And then, after a 30 minutes speech about how important are those exams, they say (and I quote): "But don't be so nervous. Why are you so nervous?" Really? You just held a speech telling me how nervous should I be.

And I'm not even kidding, the school's president holds a 30 minutes speech. And let me ask you a question? Two weeks before the exam, everybody in your school started to tag people in exam posts? Because that is what happened to me.

Really, don't listen to them. Cover your ears and start singing, leave the room—just don't listen to them. It will make you so nervous. You don't need to worry because you know and no one should tell you otherwise.

2. Don't learn the subject one week before the exam.

My teachers say this all the time. Try to revise, try to improve at things you don't know that well. But, for God's sake, don't try to learn the entire subject in one week. You don't feed the turkey one day before Thanksgiving (Direct quote from my teacher). The thing is, all the information that you tried to learn in one week will just get mixed inside your head.

3. Don't touch any learning material 12 hours before the exam.

This is an advice from my teacher. Anything you try to learn in those hours will just get lost in your brain. In the day before the exam, try to relax. Take a relaxing bath, a relaxing walk, watch a relaxing movie. Anything with the word relaxing in it. Just try not to let yourself get consumed by nervousness.

In the exam

1. Breathe.

It's really important to breathe. Because, when you are nervous, you forget things you know well. But those pieces of information are still in your brain, just a little bit deeper. Breathing, your brain gets oxygen. That helps your brain and helps you remember information you already know.

2. Revise and look twice.

This happened to me so many times. I just forget to do simple things, I don't read the exercise well, or I write things without thinking. So, if you have time, revise your paper and look twice at every exercise.

After the Exam

All I can tell you here is to relax. You went through hell and you escaped. After your last exam, go out with your friends. Have fun with the people that suffered with you. Or go home and relax, build a fort with pillows and blankets and just hide there with your phone or a good book.

It's important to do activities that keep you occupied, because you will be so nervous until the results come. Try not to stress too much about the results because what is done is done. You tried your best and that's all you can do. Just let the others appreciate your work.

So, this was my guide on how to survive exams. Most important, don't let anything stay in your way. If this exam stays in your way, kill it! (not literally) But if this exam is not important for your life and dreams... chill.

In the end…

Good luck with your exams!

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April Lucas
April Lucas
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