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How to create a killer resume

Top way to build a killer resume

By THE BIGGEST AND MOST KEPT SECRETS Published about a year ago 2 min read
How to create a killer resume
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Select the right format for your resume

A resume should fit your unique career path, so choosing the right format is critical. Demonstrate your experience and skills by choosing the most advantageous format. Here, we explore different resume format options and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

This is the most common resume format and is usually the first choice of most hiring managers. A chronological resume guides your work history, listing your current and previous positions in reverse chronological order. Each role is followed by a short list of responsibilities and achievements, and you can highlight awards or special recognition. The education and skills section follows work experience.

Select the right resume template

As you learn how to write a resume, remember that the best resume templates will highlight your experience and talents. Don't hide it with a wrong order, a boring resume layout, or a featureless template. With dozens of great resume examples, templates and styles, TopStack Resume is the best resume maker online.

Choosing a template can save you a lot of time and effort. You'll likely end up with an impressive resume that's easy to read and appealing to the hiring manager. All you have to do is think hard about your options, and you're ready to go. Click here to try out some professional resume templates.

Define your goals

Defining your career goals is an important part of professional development. In particular, long-term goals will lead you to ultimate professional happiness. Setting them may seem easy in theory, but when it comes to actually thinking about your goals, things can often get murky. After all, "success" is a bit of a blur. To help with this, we've outlined five steps seasoned professionals can take to define and achieve their career goals.

Setting long-term career goals and motivating yourself are great ideas, but when you define it, start by living your dreams. After all, how can you hope to realize a dream that wasn't clear from the start? In Alice in Wonderland, the mysterious dialogue between Alice and the Cheshire Cat illustrates the importance of having a clear destination: "Please tell me," says Alice, "how should I proceed from here?" The cat is correct. The cat replied, "That depends a lot on where you're going." A confused Alice retorted, "I don't care where." The cat's answer? "Then it doesn't matter which way you go." If we're like Alice, our thinking tends to be just as disorganized and chaotic.

Create a killer cover letter

Now that's a killer cover letter. It has it all - a perfect header, a catch, and some mind-blowing accomplishments that hiring managers crave. Finally it has a snappy call to action. It also grabs attention by starting with the manager's name.

To write a cover letter for a job, follow a killer cover letter template. But make sure you keep the greatness of it — the headline, the introduction, the expected accomplishments, the relationships, and the gripping call-to-action at the end.

To discover some amazing resume templates click here.

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