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How to Boost your eShop Conversions Using Video

And Why Should

By Victor BlascoPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Once an eShop creates a seamless shopping experience for its customers, it may well be on its way to making more sales. But sometimes, even when trust is established, and your products are worth it, sales fall short of expectations, and the platform fails to convert new shoppers into customers consistently.

More often than not, this happens because you’re not reaching your customer with the right message — the appropriate content — to close the deal.

Video content production provides a consistently reliable avenue to solve this problem. But be aware, not all video styles are designed to improve sales, so you need to pick and choose the ones that work to that end and perform well under a sales platform environment!

This piece will go over how video content works to improve eShop sales and cover a few video styles that can help you boost your conversions and improve performance on your online sales platform.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Three Ways Video Help Boost Conversions

As important as choosing the right type of video is - and we’ll talk more about it in a bit - there are a few key things your marketing videos should always strive to accomplish to be effective.

Establish and Foster Trust:

Trust is one of the most crucial factors in play when it comes to making sales online. Videos showing influencers, store owners, employees, or other customers using their products or showcasing some of the product's features help establish a healthy and trusting relationship with potential buyers.

Customers who trust you will be more inclined to buy and return to your eShop for more, leave positive reviews, and refer you to other customers. That's how trust helps build sales in the short and long term.

Move customers into action:

Video is the most shared medium online today, and it is quickly becoming the cornerstone of most marketing efforts worldwide. The reason being that people will be more likely to choose your product based on the videos they get from your brand, other customers, and social influencers that already do business with you.

However you look at it, video significantly influences buyers today, prompting customers to convert and finalize purchases.

Help answer questions and work through objections:

Last-minute objections, concerns, and doubts are common sources of pre-purchase remorse. Shoppers who don't finalize a purchase are usually held back by some product feature they might not fully understand or a potential issue or problem they don't know how to solve. Moreover, common objections such as price and quality can also pop up and prevent a sale.

Because of that, successful eShops establish solid customer care and support initiatives based on video content that anticipates and provides answers to these issues. This way, using different video styles, your eShop’s can clear any objections or problems out the way for a sale to happen early on.

Video Types that Boost Conversions

When you use videos specifically to boost your conversions, you have to find the right fit between video types and customers’ needs. For that, you have to be aware of each video type’s characteristics and use styles that make sense for what you are trying to accomplish!

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are a style of animated explainer videos, and as their name suggests, they look like they’re being hand-drawn on a whiteboard while animations display the features and benefits your customers might be interested in. Basically, they are upbeat animated sales videos that show an introduction to how a product works or solves a particular issue your customers have.

Whiteboard videos are helpful to boost conversions because they explain a topic or describe a product in an entertaining and easy-to-digest manner. This way, they help move customers into action right away.

A few things to keep in mind when you are working with the style:

  • Keep your script short. Make sure it makes an impact and revolves around your product and how it solves potential clients’ pain points.
  • Draw a storyboard based on that script to help you develop the visuals before investing in any other asset.
  • Ensure your visual assets, animations, and voice-over narration are top-notch, as people might judge the value of your product based on your content.

How-to videos

How-to videos are built as step-by-step instructions on how to solve a particular problem - oftentimes, using your product as part of the process. This video style is often very detailed, and it speaks directly to the more technically oriented customer who is always hungry for specific information surrounding their pain points.

How-tos can help you boost conversions because they act as a bridge between the product page and the practical benefits it can deliver. And once you show your customers how to solve a problem with your product as a tool, they’ll know your product is the right choice for them. At this point, all you need to do is to make a new offer to close the sale and help them through the last stage of their customer journey.

Some pointers to implement how-to videos include

  • Keep the guide simple and get down to specifics right away.
  • Make sure you are staying on topic by discussing problems or issues that your viewers care about. Conduct proper research to pinpoint potential clients’ pain points and stick to those.
  • Be upbeat and keep the explanation moving forward.
  • Establish yourself as a resource and a trusted advisor by providing actually helpful and relevant How-to guides your customers would appreciate.

Related Videos

Popular among Amazon sellers as they’ve proven to significantly impact sales numbers, these videos can be almost anything but often follows along the lines of a tutorial, review, or testimony. They help boost conversions because they give the shopper context that reinforces their trust in your product's utility and your overall online shopping experience.

Related product videos prompt shoppers to commit to a purchase and avoid buyer's remorse. By watching a video related to the product the customer is interested in, shoppers can feel more comfortable making an online purchase, confident they are avoiding after-purchase-related frustration.

To implement these videos, you should simply include them in your product sales page's "Related" section. They can also be helpful to supplement customer video reviews and the "Also Bought" sections.

Comparison Videos

A very popular style in a platform like YouTube, comparison videos analyze two or more products based on a set of characteristics, features, and benefits.

This video style works wonders in terms of generating eShop conversions because it helps customers make a comparative choice built around facts and lets them take a step back from all the information they've received about your product so far. Above all, comparison videos accompany customers through the last stages of a purchase, helping them realize which product is the best fit for them and assisting them in finalizing a sale.

When making a comparison video, please remember to:

  • Present the features and benefits of each competing product.
  • Be brief and specific when comparing the pluses and minuses of your solution.
  • Remind the customer how your product offers more value than the competition (without bashing them over the head with the information!).

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos range from product or demo videos that prompt customers to complete a specific action during playthrough to more complex augmented reality videos that result in a more engaging shopping experience. Most of these videos capitalize on the latest augmented reality trends and introduce customers to a more immersive environment that they can fully experience when visiting an eShop.

Moreover, AR-infused videos display highly customizable elements that prime them for a purchase, like having viewers play around with the product's colors, placement, and sizes, among other features.

Some tips for creating interactive videos include:

  • Leverage branding elements such as logos, designs, and brand colors. Don’t forget to share features, benefits, and most importantly, your promotion’s details.
  • Make sure your sales and customer care teams stay on top of the promotions, exclusive content, and discounts offered in your interactive video, and keep them up to date.
  • Always include a realistic business scenario in your content, no matter the video style. And, without exception, keep it relevant to your customer's shopping experience.
  • Not all interactive videos need to be based on augmented reality. You can include links to exclusive content, promotions, and discounts codes on standard videos.

Parting Thoughts

By and large, boosting your eShop conversions with video content is all about implementing the right video styles. It all depends on finding the right mix of product and video style, depending on what your customers are most interested in when visiting your eShop.

Hopefully, after reading thus far, you’re better equipped to produce the style of video that will boost your sales.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to implement some of these video styles and see your sales soar!

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