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Holy Fire Reiki

Levels I and II

By Denise E LindquistPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Instructors on both ends of us, two cousins and my sister and me.

In August we attended a two-day retreat to learn Holy Fire Reiki. Three of us were already reiki practitioners. We stayed with my sister Mary, who lives close to the retreat. Holy Fire is advertised as having some benefits beyond Usui Ryoho Reiki.

Holy Fire is taught in a new way to transfer the healing energies of Reiki. It has only been added to classes since January 2014. In level one we smudged, did some guided imagery, and were connected with the universal healing energies. We practiced giving hands-on reiki.

There was more involved in giving a reiki treatment than I had originally learned back in 1994. We tried out those differences. We asked questions and discussed what we have learned over the years.

The couple who offer this training, have other means of making a living and teach reiki and offer reiki on a part-time basis. They started with Usui Reiki also and moved into Holy Fire as was recommended by their teachers.

In the 25 years of teaching Reiki, I have probably taught over 200 people reiki since 1998 when I was attuned and taught level III Usui Reiki. I have not kept names or stayed in contact with most. I did give them certificates. I will occasionally be remembered as the person who gave them levels I & II reiki.

One of the women above also received Reiki level III from me.

Reiki is mostly hands-on treatments; however, some people, like me learned and teach with hands one to two inches above the person. The reason for that was I learned from a therapist who was taught during the days when it was not okay for a therapist to touch his clients.

It came after there was a significant amount of inappropriate client and therapist contact.

He explained to me that he would start with a 10–15-minute reiki experience for a client and eventually there would be little to no talk therapy and it would be all 50-minute sessions of Reiki. He explained that his clients were appreciative of the healing benefits of Reiki.

After receiving my first Reiki session from my teacher, I was driving my daughter to a place to shop and got lost in a residential neighborhood that I shouldn’t have gotten lost in. Thinking about this experience makes it important to identify how they encouraged grounding individuals before they get off the massage table.

My first Reiki teacher taught me both Usui Reiki, level I and II. A friend of mine taught me level III, three years later as she knew I had level II and she wanted to practice what she just learned.

I had heard of William Lee Rand but was never interested in learning his various styles until I thought it might be nice to have a refresher course and my sister was interested in learning Reiki.

Rand taught Reiki full-time since 1989. He developed the Usui/Tibetan style in 1989, then in 1994–95 Karuna Reiki, and in 2014, he introduced Holy Fire Reiki, with level II in 2015, and level III Holy Fire in September 2018.

Holy Fire Reiki is the style of Reiki my sister learned on. I learned a few things and learned some more from my cousins, who had other Reiki forms as well as some Native American traditional healing ways and some other healing ways.

Will I take level III Holy Fire Reiki Master Training? I don’t know that I learned that much or received that much more than what I already had. Time will tell. With my last level III training I was placed in a month of healing work that I was told about only after the attunement.

The class was worth my time and the expense if only to spend the two full days and one evening with my sister and cousins. Time will tell if it was worth the refresher. I did learn a few things that I appreciate.


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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred8 months ago

    This iis excellently written and very interesting

  • Oh wowww! I never knew that you taught Reiki as well! This is all just so fascinating!

  • This is the same branch of reiki I completed courses in ❤️✨ Nice choice of article topic and a great share

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