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The Day That Changes It All


A day that millions of kids around the world and especially Americans dream of for years and years. A day that, for some of us, is the beginning of a new chapter, but for me it was a little different. Graduation day was a day filled with anxiety, stress, but also relief. It was the last day that my life was to be controlled, and the last day that these instructors and teachers could treat me like a child. It was amazing, but it was also a reality check. From this day on, I did not have a schedule to rely on. Everything I did now came with repercussions meaning that every choice I made could change my future forever. My future did not look promising, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but with time I learned that it was ok because no one is ever truly sure about what they want to do. Graduation day taught me the importance of time and how precious it was. There is only 24 hours in a day, meaning that if you sleep for eight, you are only left with 16 hours to continue your day. These 16 hours are hours that you could save a life, change the future, change someone's life, but you could also do nothing. Life is all about timing and choice and the only dictator of that is you and you only. We have to be true to ourselves to fully understand the extent of our choices and decisions. Every decision we make can alter our future forever. Graduation day was life changing but not in the way that it is portrayed. Graduation day is the day that you become responsible for you. Every day after graduation I worked and I made money, but I also made time for important things like friends and family. I made friends that changed my life forever, that made me see the beauty in the simple things. I started to love sushi nights and ice cream on the pier. I started to see the big picture in life and that picture was made up of millions of other pictures that all captured the small moments in life. Graduation was just like any other day, you woke up and got ready and then continued with your life. This day was just like any other day it is just us humans that glorify the experience. Why not glorify everyday? Celebrate the little things like passing an exam, or seeing your friend for the first time in a long time, and maybe even just existing. Celebrate life because not everyday is guaranteed. Graduation day was a day of change but also of peace and realization.

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