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GOP Presidential Candidates 2024

Who Will Make The Cut?

By Benjamin ReesePublished 5 months ago 10 min read

Whether we like it or not, 2024 is right around the corner. With that said, there are a number of potential candidates throwing their name into the election pot for a chance to become the next President of the United States. As of now the country faces a number of looming crisis foreign and domestically. Congressionally we are split with the GOP controlling the House Majority as the DNC oversees the Senate. Whoever is lucky enough to brace the impact of their decisions to become the next leader of the "free world" will surely have to make an impact to induce any sort of shift in Western political dialogue.

Here we will break down each high profile candidate that has openly acknowledged their campaigns for the 2024 GOP ticket, as well as those that are floating the idea to their constituents. We'll start by breaking down some of the lesser known candidates on the ticket and work our way to the big fish in the pond; Starting with the most recent candidate Asa Hutchinson, the former Governor of Arkansas.

While he may be a bit of an unfamiliar face to most, Hutchinson arguably has the most executive experience amongst his colleagues in the race. Hutchinson is the former Governor of Arkansas from 2015 to 2023. Prior to his governorship, he served in Congress from 1997 to 2001 in the 3rd district of Arkansas. He also was a member of the Bush administration as the undersecretary for border and transportation security for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security from 2003 to 2005 and the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration from 2001 to 2003. He's touted a staunch conservative approach to taxes and abortion rights throughout his tenure. However, Hutchinson is one of the few GOP members with opposition towards former president Trump. That opposition can cost Hutchinson key swing state voters and nearly half of the Republican base. While he may have the most experience in regards to the political makeup of any of the candidates, his old age and dry personality will make it difficult to come off marketable to an American public that already isn't all that familiar with the seasoned politician.

Next in the race is an unfamiliar face to many in the conservative political movement. Vivek Ramaswamy is a former biotech executive and a founder of the Ohio based management group, Strive Asset Firm. Ramaswamy was responsible for the biggest biotechnology initial public offering of 2016 with Myovant Sciences, which raised $218 million listing its shares at the time. Ramaswamy was also an influential figure in the Pharmaceutical industry steamrolling the development of several prostate cancer and infertility medications and is currently focused on the development of a new Alzheimer's drug through the shares listing of Axovant. Ramaswamy also runs Roivant Sciences, a biotech holding company with a unique financial strategy to develop drugs, often by purchasing drugs that have been forgotten or abandoned by the pharmaceutical industry per Forbes. So it is safe to assume the man knows how to raise funds and develop comprehensive problem solving strategies. All though, it will be a tough look on Ramaswamy with the American public as he is a member of the now loathed "Big Pharma" industry. Ramaswamy has become a prominent echo in conservative circles regarding the pushback on the ESG and Wokeism movements. That alone should help with the appeal towards the white-collar voter. However, Ramaswamy is not well known and his extremely young political pursuit may be too much for the decorated businessman to endeavor. His lack of a solid base of supporters will be their downfall towards ever becoming a major candidate.

One of the more intriguing candidates on the Republican slate is former UN ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Haley's political portfolio matches up with the best of them in Washington. The former Trump cabinet member was one of the first GOP candidates to challenge Trump in the election process. After parting ways with the Trump administration, Haley would go on to serve as a member of the Boeing Board of Directors for about a year from 2019-20. She would also start the Stand for America PAC to focus on assisting conservative candidates in the 2022 midterms. Haley, who will likely be the only woman on the Republican ticket, will tout her executive experience under former President Trump as a route to win over the MAGA base. However, Haley will attempt to distance herself from the Trump hardliners to come off as more of a moderate option towards Republican politics. Although, Haley's foreign affairs record begs to differ. Haley is seen as a hawkish, John Bolton era warmonger to some, which could either help or hurt her presidential bid considering the global conflict surrounding the wars in Ukraine, Yemen, and abroad. Haley is also not as well known as she may think. While her run as Governor in a key primary state would bolster national attention, Haley's internal focus with her ambassadorship set her back from the limelight a few years later. Last we heard of Haley, the former Governor was expressing the need for cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Talking points that will surely win over the GOP hardliners. While Haley's conservative approach to government funded programs can aid her bid, her moderate and inclusive statements on issues such as immigration and border control could negate her from obtaining votes from the far right members of the party.

Finally there is the man himself, number 45. Former President Donald Trump is also making his reelection bid for the white house known in the only way he knows how; doing it, while under investigation. Trump holds a significant amount of political and arguably cultural control over the GOP and its base. Some argue he has reshaped the Republican party as a whole for years to come. His ability to raise money is unmatched, unlike anyone else in the race. However his current legal battles are attempting to derail his momentum into 2024. Trump is currently under investigation by a Manhattan grand jury due to business fraud and "hush money" payments towards a marital affair. Some argue the prosecution boosts Trump's electability with the American public as those voters view the proceedings as a witch hunt, essentially creating this allure of political martyrdom around the former president. Trump has also been impeached twice during his time in office which only embolden his base more. Domestically, Trump's political rapport is 50/50 however, regardless of the public discourse surrounding the former president, Trump does have a few feathers in his cap from his time in office spurring from his foreign policy at the time. This is in reference to the Abraham Accords and his no nonsense stance against nations like China or North Korea. The votes for the former president will be dictated upon which side of the Trump fence GOP voters land on; MAGA Republicans or Traditional Conservatives.

Now let's look into the outliers of the race. These individuals have made their intentions known one way or another about their upcoming or current involvement in the 2024 GOP presidential race; Starting with our former Vice President , Mike Pence. Pence's recent roll in the previous Trump administration proved to be a tumultuous one. On the heels of January 6th, Pence's influence amongst his constituents has dwindled to say the least. His break away from the MAGA Republican base has made him a bit of a political outcast in the new conservative climate. While most candidates or representatives have a core base that they can cling to, Pence doesn't have much of a following. Outside of the evangelical Christian base that makes up a good portion of the GOP voting base, Pence seems to be out of touch with the current political climate. After receiving death threats and condemnation from previous supporters due to the fall out of Pences January 6th reaction, Pence will lean on the largely white Christian baby boomer demographic, and his previous record of Presidential campaigning to have any sort of impact on the GOP ticket.

The most compelling and controversial outlier in the entire GOP race is current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Most pundits have been anticipating DeSantis's announcement for a Presidential run for nearly the last year. However, any time DeSantis dips his toe in the water, the water is either boiling hot or freezing cold, unbearable for the Governor to withstand. It is unclear which side of the GOP political spectrum DeSantis lies on. At times he is a champion for the MAGA movement and the forever Trumpers by expressing his admiration for the previous administration. Then there can be moments where DeSantis takes his own political liberties and tones down the undisciplined rhetoric. The Yale and Harvard graduate and former military officer is only 44 years of age making him one of the younger possible candidates in the race. As Governor of Florida he is pedestalled within the GOP on his response during the COVID-19 pandemic and his stance on immigration and education. His previous involvement with the House Freedom Caucus defined his hyper-conservative stance towards the cutting of social benefits like Social Security and Medicare. While that can bolster his rapport with the GOP, it can also be his hindrance in a general election.

Some other outliers within the GOP include individuals like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the lone African American Republican Senator who brings a diverse perspective towards the traditional GOP conservative policy. He has a talent for fund raising as well, already raking in millions of dollars to pursue a national donor sector. His lack of a national profile can negate some progress for the senator but that is nothing a little money can't fix. He also has an opportunity to split the SC vote with his constituent Nikki Haley in the event he decides to run. SC is a key primary state that, if split, could open the doors for other candidates to sneak in.

Those other possible candidates also include Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin who recently flip the previously Democratic state in favor of the GOP, another key primary state. Youngkin, who came from an extremely lucrative career in the private equity sector, amassing a fortune tipping at nearly half a billion dollars, was endorsed by the former President Donald Trump during his Governor's race for the state. His primary focal points in his campaign were a focus on education and the implementation of critical race and gender theory in local schools. Youngkin is one of those individuals leaning too far on one end of the political spectrum to be considered in a general election but he sure has the funds to influence one if need be.

Another key influence in the GOP race will be the voice of ousted Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheny. Daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, she is best known for her opposition to the former President and his administration. That alone is her downfall to any chance at a legitimate run towards a GOP nomination.

War hawks and part time pundits like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Chris Christie will linger around the GOP candidate pool to ensure their agendas are mingled into the discourse. All in all, the GOP race for the Presidential seat is molding into one of the more intriguing spectacles that could be put forth come this election season.

For some it will be volatile and intense, and for others a possible learning experience. Regardless, a show will be put on and decisions will have to be made. What will be left of the Republican Party when it is all said and done remains to be seen and is highly anticipated.

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