Finding Yourself

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Finding Yourself

Have you ever felt yourself wandering? Not knowing what you want to do with life, or what you should be "passionate" about? Well, I've been in the same spot and it was a journey leading into my passion. Now, it can be very stressful when it comes down to that situation and you will want to just give up. I promise you that is not the road you want to walk along.

When I was in the 7th grade I struggled with this the most. I thought I had no place in the world because I wasn't involved in clubs or any kind of sports. I wasn't very social and I wasn't active in my own community. It was very discouraging to see my peers expelling and achieving their own goals. I decided to push those thoughts away and carry on and continue to do nothing.

A year went by and I started my last year of middle school (eighth grade). Throughout the year it was the same as always. Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, eat, then sleep. Every single day I did this. It was actually quite miserable. Until, someone sparked my interest...

My best friend Jaydan and I shared the same English class, which I was grateful for because I always enjoyed having a little fun here and there. One day, she came up to me and said, "You have to try out for this thing called Winterguard with me." At first I was thinking what in the world is Winterguard? I told her I'll think about it, which usually always meant no for me.

The next day at school she kept bugging me about it and I finally gave in. We went to the very first day of try-outs, there is a total of three whole days. We got there, changed into some athletic clothes and headed into the band room, which is where practice is held. There was A LOT of people trying out...

After we walked in four other people did and they were the directors. The head director Mr. Langdale, assistant Mrs. Bennet, and the other assistant Mrs. Aldrich. They were quite intimidating at first. After they spoke to us they seemed very sweet though. They thought us the dance routine and it was really hard and discouraging but the people we call "veterans" were very very helpful and supportive so they made it so much more comfortable.

We went through all three of the days and at the end of the last day the directors told us how proud they were of us and that we worked very hard. They told us we will find out who made the team on Monday at school. This was very nerve racking and I was anxious all weekend.

Monday I woke up to get ready for school and was surprised that I had so many text messages from Jaydan. I opened them and my jaw dropped. I MADE THE JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM! I was so excited that I cried! I couldn't believe it. Me and my best friend just made a team together!

We weren't the greatest when we started but now I am in tenth grade and I've had four seasons. We both have improved so much and I feel so wonderful when I'm doing it. Competitions make me feel alive and accomplished. I have made so many more friends and I know love what I do.

I thought I would never ever find myself being good at something, but now I have found my passion and I hope you will too. Don't ever give up and always strive to improve. There is a spot out there for everyone and you will love what you do.

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