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Exam Stress and ADHD

Top Ten Tips to Save You During Exam Season

By Pinar MelisPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - April 2018

As the month of May slowly brings doom upon us, us guys with ADHD probably started to think of ways to procrastinate revision for your exams a good few months back...but then procrastinated finding ways to procrastinate not doing any work.

In light of the exam season creeping up on us like a really delicate dragon, here are some tips and tricks of ways to handle the abundance of feelings that come with trying to get a qualification.

1. Referring back to my last article, get everything nice and neat for when you actually sit down to revise. Like I've always thought, clear desk = clear mind.

2. If you can afford one, get a tutor. Or get a family member to help you with your studies. This is to force yourself to actually do work as opposed to just sitting and staring blankly towards your computer screen.

3. Take breaks between revising to clear your mind a bit. Step outside, do some stretching, have a fag, check your phone, make a cup of tea, take a power nap, just please do something that will bring your energy levels back up.

4. Know what you're going to do. Set your self work to do. Ask your lecturer or your teacher what they think that you're struggling with so that you know what you need to work on. After you know what it is that you need to do, draw yourself out a revision plan and timetable. Now if you do that, you will always know what you need to do and not waste time on things that you already know.

5.If you're taking meds like concerta, take them at least half an hour before you sit down to bang out some work. Medications like concerta take at least half an hour to start working so doing work before they settle in could affect your motivation.

6. If you're not taking medication or just want an extra little boost, search up some EFT techniques specifically designed for concentration. EFT is a new wave of therapy that is used to treat anything and everything by trying to naturally balance the chemicals in your brain for a temporary amount of time. EFT is done by tapping methods and specific movements to get to the acupuncture points of your body without needles.

7. Like EFT you could also use some simple CBT techniques to bring you back to reality a bit. Some easy CBT tricks are concentrating on sounds. Pop your window open and listen to natural sounds. For example, birds tweeting. Listen to the sound of the birds for ten seconds then, find a different sound such as, a ticking clock, then focus on that for ten seconds and repeat this until you feel calm enough and ready enough to bang out some hard work.

8. Revise with your mates. Harsh mates. Like super harsh. Like ones who will slap you in the face and tell you to stop being such a little pussy ass bitch when you're going a bit off the rails. Book a room in your library or in your school, for the sole purpose of doing work with your mates. With friends in the room with you, you will always have someone to help you out with work that you might have forgotten how to do. Also if you're close enough they can slap you round the face and tell you to fuck off of Twitter and get on with your work.

9. Colour! Colour is everyone's best friend. It is proven that blue ink helps you remember information more than black ink does. Also, other colours just motivate you more. The rainbow is a beautiful natural thing that will help you sort your shit out. You can use it to colour code, to highlight, to underline, or even...wait for it...write with! If you love the colour, it will love you back.

10. Lastly but never least-ly, drink water. H2O. Get some of that in your life and it will sort you right out. As humans we are very much filled with water, so why not whack a bit more in there. Treat your body as you would a brand new plant that you got from ikea that you're determined to keep alive this time and water it till its moist enough to survive the temperature of the god damn sun. Yea so just drink a bit of water, yea.

As always,

best of luck,

dont stress,

you'll be fine,

Love you lots,

Pinar xxx.

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