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Eight in a thousand wickets and 36 innings

Eagle bow sky Wolf Bureau

By Britt DecoteauPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Today we talk about a heart, if you hate a person, feel that kill him do not solve the gas, then you may wish to try this method we say, this bureau is called the eagle bow sky Wolf Bureau.

Say a word to be scolded, those who are tortured by the reality of the skin, depressed young people, 90% are eating the loss of this bureau. Today I share this logic, not to let you really go to deceive people, but to tell you how to identify the situation.

In ancient times, there was a master archer, not only superb shooting, but also born with divine power, he drifted half his life, traveling south and north, to challenge all the masters to become the first in the world. Along the way, basically no one is his opponent, so since no living person can fight, he simply began to challenge the dead. He first broke the record of a hundred steps through the poplar, and broke the record of Lu Bu's Yuanmen shooting halberd, just when he thought he had been invincible, an old man selling tea told him the story of Houyi shooting the sun, in ancient times, there were ten SUNS in the sky, the sun baked the earth, the water source dried up, and the vegetation withered. So, the young man named Houyi put his bow and shot down nine out of ten SUNS, so he was also called the first archer in history by later generations. After hearing this, the young man's blood was boiling. He took off his bow and pointed it at the sun to shoot an arrow. The old man immediately stopped him and said, there is only one sun in the sky now, if you really shoot it down, then the world will become an eternal night, everyone will spit on you. So, wait until night, there is a star in the night sky called Sirius, it is the source of all the suffering and disaster in this world, you can shoot down Sirius, so that there is no disaster in this world, then you will be immortalized and become the first archer in history.

From then on, the young man would shoot under the night sky every night, but even though the string was smoking and the bow was about to break, Sirius was still shining. There was an occasional flicker, like a merciless mockery of the young man. Later one morning, someone found him dead on the side of the mountain, it is not known whether Sirius caused the arrow to fall through his head, or he could not accept that he was not the first in the world, chose to kill himself.

This is the allusion to the Eagle bow sky Wolf Bureau. It is said that there is a Wu Zhuangyuan passing by here, the old man selling tea told him the story of Wu Song fighting the tiger, so that night Wu Zhuangyuan died in the mouth of the tiger.

Eagle bow sky Wolf bureau do bureau logic is actually very simple, with a fictional story to kill a number of young people involved in the world. Idol drama is always a few handsome and gold bully president, while falling in love with an ordinary girl, cool novel inside, people can freely pass through rebirth, rewrite history, marketing number above, 38 years old leftover woman in 25 years old small fresh meat spent 800,000 financial resources. In the short video, the girls are white skin and beautiful long legs, the boys each year more than 100 million, per capita Ferrari, in essence, these stories and Houyi shooting the sun, Wusong tiger no difference, are just the old man for his tea business said to attract customers.

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