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Doctors warn the public as Covid-19 heightens ‘silent killer’ risk.

Health Warning Over Side Effect Of Covid-19- Doctors found a correlation between the virus and sepsis in the early stage. But, experts in public health have warned those people whose case amounted to a ‘more common and lethal origin for sepsis’ than what was previously assumed. Put another way, this is a situation where bacterial infection is referred to as sepsis by many people. However, recent studies suggested that it had some link to SARS-CoV-2. Within the first 2 ½ years of the pandemic, Covid accounted for almost one-sixth of all Sepsis cases. Lead author Claire Shappell, from the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said: In this regard, treatment guidelines and quality measures call on doctors to give antibiotics immediately to individuals believed to have sepsis. But viral infections such as SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, may also trigger The team studied the incidence of severe COVID-19 sepsis in five Mass General Brigham hospitals over a two and a half year period, from March 2020 to November 2022. According to The Sun, CDC’s data tracking used criteria for the record. The staff surveyed 431,017 hospitalizations from 261,595 people and discovered that only 5.4% of them were associated with COVID –19 infections. Approximately twenty eight percent of them developed covid associated septicemia. Initial reports indicated that deaths related to Covid associated septicemia were very high with 33% in the first three month period of the pandemic. Nonetheless, the speed went down eventually to be equivalent to the bacterial sepsis rate that was standing at approximately 14.5 percent. According to the group, the results show that physicians may have to revise how they deal or handle septicemia and also their approach to a care structure. Through investigating a sample of children with coughs, it was established that this particular disease occurred in three stages. Dr Shappell, who is based in the pulmonary and critical care medicine division at the department, commented: These data suggest that sepsis is not an entity in which one type of intervention fits all, but rather patients must be treated based on their particular syndromes and probably causative organisms while taking into consideration the differences between different patients”. People should call 999 or go to Some of these other symptoms are discolored skin like bruised appearance, rashes, which do not fade off like others. One should see a doctor when dealing with problems in breathing.

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Victorian disease outbreak in England-full symptomatology.

Full Symptom List Rises of Victorian Disease in England.

Drug-resistant strains become “a major concern” as cases of tuberculosis spike by 7% in the first six months of 2023 compared to the previous year.

Martin Bagot, Health and Science editor, Chiara Fiorillo, News Reporter.

19: UPDATED 21:49, 21 SEP 2023, 01.

Warnings that the fight against the ancient disease has been neglected resulted in an increase of Tuberculosis this year.

The warning on increased infections in the UK by seven per cent between January and June, 2023 compared to the corresponding period in 2022 was also made by the UK Health Security Agency. In the first two quarters of 2022 there were 2,251 confirmed cases, while labs detected 2,408 confirmed cases.

Nevertheless, it was pointed out by health chiefs that drug-resistant strains, namely mutant ones, make up a small portion of cases in the UK. Dr Esther Robinson, head of the TB Unit at UKHSA, said: TB is curable and preventable, though it still presents a major public health concern in the UK, despite the great improvements in eliminating it.

Most cases will recover with treatment. All patients with indicative symptoms should therefore be tested for TB and, if positive, treated promptly in order to benefit the patient concerned and halt further transmission.

“However, as we move towards winter it must be emphasized that not all continuous coughs coupled with a fever are caused by flu or Covid-19. They may also arise from a variety of other conditions such as TB”.

This follows the recent revelation by Mirror, whereby the fight of TB was witnessed in Africa as it becomes the deadliest infectious disease worldwide to Covid-19. However, we found out that despite this it is only receiving a small percentage of research funds that are still being channeled towards Covid.

The UKHSA alert indicates that the country is very far away from reaching the World Health Organisation’s “End TB'' goal, which is a 90% reduction in cases by 2035. It has existed for 9,000 years and was responsible for one quarter of all deaths between 1600 and 1800 in Europe. It now claims a life every 20 seconds worldwide.

For adults, there is no vaccine. Childhood BCG remains the single most widely used vaccine, but protection wanes beyond the teenage years. In 2005, the NHS stopped administering the BCG vaccine against TB to all children, targeting only children that may travel to areas severely affected.

Dr Esther Robinson added: This means that TB takes a long time to develop and may not show symptoms until you have lived with it for many months or years. Check with your GP if you believe you have any reason to be at risk of TB.

London is the main port of entry where most cases in the UK have historically come mainly from China, India, Pakistan and Africa. Homelessness also results in the high rates of infection amongst the population.

David Fothergill, board chair of the Local Government Association, said: “Tuberculosis is a disease that can be prevented and cured, but mostly affecting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.” Some groups like migrants, people who have social risk factors such as homelessness or a history of imprisonment tend to be more affected.

“In addition, council staff have critical roles to play in controlling TB. This involves being the first responders to identify symptoms, advise providers on right infection control measures, and responses to TB incidents and outbreaks in settings like schools”.

The main symptoms of TB are:

a chronic cough lasting over three weeks, with expectoration and often containing blood.

weight loss

night sweats

high temperature (fever)

tiredness and fatigue

loss of appetite

lumps that have lasted for several weeks.

Find out more HERE:

The NHS explains that, if TB has spread to another part of your body such as your glands (lymph nodes), bones or brain, you may also have other symptoms, including:

swollen glands

body aches and pains

swollen joints or ankles

tummy or pelvic pain


dark or cloudy pee

a headache

being sick

feeling confused

a stiff neck

Find out more HERE:

red skin rash on legs, face or anywhere else.


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