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Did You Know Why Almost All Airplanes Uses Blue Seats?

The Magic Power Of Blue

By Samuel AdebayoPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Did You Know Why Almost All Airplanes Uses Blue Seats?
Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

During the early days of flight, airplane seats were a bright variety of colours. Some were red, some green, and a few even yellow. But as the sector expanded and safety requirements tightened, something unusual happened.

In the 1970s, a group of psychologists and designers were entrusted with developing a new standard for airplane seating. They did significant study, testing different colors on passengers and crew members. And what they found was remarkable.

Blue, it turns out, had a significant impact on our emotions and behaviors. It was relaxing, peaceful, and even reduced stress. In a crowded and noisy flight cabin, blue chairs appeared to generate a sense of peace, making passengers feel more relaxed and comfy.

But it was not all. Blue also enjoyed a practical advantage. It was a tint that concealed stains and spills very effectively, making it easier for airlines to maintain their seats. As an extra plus, blue was a color that showed less grime and wear than other hues.

As word spread about the benefits of blue, airlines began to adopt it in large numbers. Today, it is estimated that nearly 90% of all airplane seats are blue. It's a design choice that has grown so common that we hardly notice it.

But the story does not stop there. In recent years, some airlines have begun to experiment with different hues, such as green and purple.

Blue is the gold standard for airline seating, offering relaxation and comfort. Green can trigger motion sickness, while purple can be overly sumptuous. Despite these challenges, blue remains the preferred color due to its proven effectiveness.

Blue seats on airplanes become the industry standard over time. Airlines that dared to be distinctive and employ unusual colors were frequently treated with criticism and even scorn. Passengers had become accustomed to blue's calming effects and saw it as a symbol of safety and dependability.

However, one airline, a small startup named SkyBlue, chose to disrupt the conventional quo. They performed their own investigation and discovered that, while blue was relaxing, it was also somewhat uninteresting. They aimed to provide a more vivid and engaging experience for their passengers.

After months of trial and experimentation, SkyBlue decided on a striking new colour: orange. Yes, Orange! It was a bold decision, but the airline was committed to making it succeed.

Initially, passengers were initially dissatisfied with the bright orange seats, which some deemed loud and overbearing. However, as they settled into their seats, something unusual took place they began to experience a rush of exhilaration and energy beyond explanation, fantastic!

The orange chairs appeared to spark conversation and laughter, and the entire cabin quickly became filled with joy and togetherness. Passengers were enjoying their flight!

SkyBlue's brave experiment had paid off, and other airlines were quick to take notice. They also began to experiment with new colours, such as red and yellow. While blue remained the most popular colour, the industry began to see more colour and originality.

In the end, the story of blue airplane seats was about invention and development. It demonstrated how even the most banal things can be transformed with a little imagination and guts. Who knows, perhaps one day we'll see an airliner with seats in every hue of the rainbow!

The blue seat on a plane is a symbol of psychology, design, and colour's ability to change perceptions. While it may lead to a future color revolution, blue is currently the preferred seat colour. Hope you find this interesting. Thank you for reading.


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