College Majors That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

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As times are changing, so are college classes. Consequently, there are more and more college majors that didn’t exist until just a few years ago.

College Majors That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago
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Within the past decade, humanity has experienced a spike in technological advances, theory, and an entirely different way of life. This is due partly to society’s curiosity and eagerness to create something bigger than itself, and in credit to the tech boom that has surfaced in places like San Francisco and Silicon Valley. We are affected by this in many ways. New smart phones are released biannually, faster technology has risen, and robotics are replacing people in the workforce.

As technologies and our thought process continue to advance, so does picking a major in college. Students who are enrolling into college now have different opportunities than those who entered college years ago. Degree programs now offer classes on robotic engineering, cyber security, and game design, to name a few. These are simply examples of the college majors that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

Human Computer Interaction

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For those admitted to the University of Washington in Seattle, there lays the opportunity for studying human-computer interaction (HCI). Computers are advancing as fast as humans are and there needs to be a group of individuals who know how to measure and understand these advances.

Those who are studying HCI study user interface, software, design, usability, and the social and ethical dimensions of technology. The focus of these classes is to figure out how to integrate technological products in our everyday lives in a thoughtful way. For example, Google’s product, Alexa, is given human qualities and programmed to react to voice, making it more personable and enjoyable to use. This is the work of HCI students.

Data Science

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At the University of San Francisco, students can obtain a college degree in Data Science. Evidently so, USF sits in the middle of the tech industry itself, surrounded by companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and so on. With the tech industry growing, there needs to be students who can fully understand Big Data.

As of today, there is more user-analytical data that needs to be tracked, recorded, and communicated properly. Data sets are becoming too complex for traditional data-procession applications. Students with this college major think of ways to capture and store data analysis while simultaneously transferring and updating information privacy.

Cyber Security

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This past summer, Mark Zuckerberg stood on trial on behalf of the entire tech industry because of Facebook’s issues with cyber security and looseness of information privacy. Situations like this happen because of a mishap in cyber security. Cyber warfare is one of the leading threats to the United States, and therefore it has become a college major.

More people are online now than ever in history. Sensitive information is constantly being exchanged (credit card info, emails, addresses, phone numbers) which makes the internet a somewhat vulnerable place. If there are hackers in the world scheming to obtain personal information, then there needs to be people who can counteract their efforts. A day in the life of a computer science major has true potential to open your eyes to the possibilities offered by this major.

Robotics Engineering

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Students now have the opportunity to study Robotics Engineering for the first time in history at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. Robots have become essential to society’s greatest discoveries and advances. NASA’s robot was the first robot to ever visit Mars, and there is now Sofia the robot who carries human-like emotions and qualities.

These machines are a powerful tool, which help us to study phenomenon that we were not able to five years ago. Those who study robotics engineering learn about robotic interface and how to build them. It is reported that by the end of 2018, the demand for qualified robotics engineers will grow by 13 percent, widening job opportunities.

Game Design

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Online gaming has grown more in the past five years than it has in its entire existence. With the rise of streaming platforms such as Twitch, gamers now can make careers from gaming. For example, legendary gamer Ninja, who gained prominence by streaming on Twitch, now has a net worth of $6 million, all by playing the viral video game, Fortnite.

Gamers such as Ninja would not have this opportunity today if it wasn’t for the college majors surrounding game designers. There needs to be people who can build these products and its software. Therefore, students can receive a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Entertainment Arts & Engineering Emphasis by studying Game Design.

Online Journalism

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Journalism has always been an area of study, but it wasn’t until the 2010s that blogs, social media, and other online content became one of the largest trends in the world. Major publications such as print, magazines, and newspapers still exist today, but the majority of journalism is moving into the online world because of convenience and the status quo.

The world wide web is a tool that nearly everybody uses as their main source of information which, is why journalists are switching to an online platform. Online content is integral to a company’s success. Online Journalism students learn how to manage and track articles, practice SEO tactics, create content, and do web design.


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As mentioned earlier, everything is shifting onto an online marketplace. E-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay have taken the reigns on online retail. These sites are living proof that a company can be successful online as opposed to brick-and-mortar. More and more companies are catching onto the trend, so there needs to be college majors who can understand, manage, and reimagine E-business sites.

Aeronautics and Aviation Technology

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This degree prepares students to become pilots while others focus more on the engineering side. Study the aerodynamics and mechanics of NASA’s spaceships and have the chance to work with Elon Musks’ BORING company. Human interactions with space are becoming more common; and as the technology is advancing, students are learning how to work with this technology and build new ones.

Popular Culture Studies

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TV shows, movies, music, and literature have always had a large impact on society. With the emergence of memes and social media, popular culture is a tool that people can use in their work spaces. These college majors take a closer look at how media affects the lives of the public, why certain stories make bigger impacts than others, and how they change or challenge social values.

Students who obtain a degree in this major can have careers such as bloggers, social media managers, editors, writers, and much more, joining the ranks of the most popular college majors for Millennials being offered more and more frequently by college campuses around the globe.


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Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter at molecular and atomic levels. This field of study is endless, with multiple different possibilities other college majors that didn't exist in more recent years simply don't have the range to compete with. Nanotechnology can be used in gaming software, computers, and even aerospace.

Students who study this field can have careers in biotechnology, electronics, aerospace engineering, and even national security. A large part of society’s technological advances is successful because of nanotechnology, so it only makes since for it to be a college major.

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