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by Em 3 years ago in college

My Own Experience

Let's get one thing straight, college is no joke. I'm only getting to the end of my first semester in college and I've already been feeling the pressure and the stress (most of which I'm putting onto myself). At college I have to figure things out on my own, and it's nerve-wracking.

Freshman year of college is exciting (most times). You're on your own, discovering who you are, what you want to do, who you want to be, and what're the steps you're going to be taking to meet these goals. When I first got to college in August I knew I wanted to study Psychology and follow Pre-Med. There's the first problem I encountered. My college tries to help me the most they can, but I end up being confused and have to ask my brother for help (he's also doing Pre-Med, but at a different college). So what do I do when I'm struggling to find people in this school who are doing a similar career choice? Cry. That's it. Just cry, and stress. But after I cry, I pick myself up and give myself some speech telling myself I can and I will do this.

Ever since I stepped foot into this four-year commitment I found out I needed to have some sort of science minor/double major just to get into the science classes I need to fulfill my Pre-Med requisites. So what did I do? I added a Biology minor, fun (which won't take into affect until spring). But then, just then, I found out I'm going to need another minor or major to help me fulfill all the credits I need to graduate. So what now? I've been thinking about adding a Sociology double major or double minor, but now I'm thinking music. I have no idea just yet, but I have time to figure it out at least (not too much time, but just enough).

So far, first semester has been a fun yet terrifying experience. I find myself at a wall whenever I turn a corner. When midterm grades came out I was so disappointed in myself. I use to be a A-B student in high school. Now? I'm lucky if I even get a B, getting mostly C's in all my classes. Lucky thing about midterm grades, though, is that you have the next couple weeks to get them up to where you want them. But, most of my teachers only grade exams, and if I don't do well on an exam, there goes my grade completely. So what now? Study. Just keep studying. All my time is spent studying.

I'm 3/4 of the way done with my first semester (Thanksgiving is literally two weeks away) and I just registered for classes for second semester and let me tell you, I want to cry. Some of the classes I want and need to take, say, I need a prerequisite, meanwhile my advisor told me I can do it without the prerequisite. So, now what? I find other classes that can help me fulfill these stupid gen-eds (general education courses), if I can or I have to wait until a spot opens up in that class and fill out a stupid "Prerequisite Deviation Form." Hopefully everything works out.

If you're going to college, be focused. Have a plan (better yet, have a four-year plan, maybe a five-year plan. Who knows?). And, pray you can register before majority of the other students. College isn't as fun as everyone says. Yeah, you get to party, you get to have fun, but remember you do have classes you need to take. Which reminds me, a lot of people you meet in your freshman year will probably drop out/transfer out in the second semester or by sophomore year so try not to get too close to anyone. A sophomore that I met told me, "your college crew doesn't solidify itself until maybe fall of sophomore year, sometimes spring."

In college you need to keep your head high, your dreams in your grasp, and a fire in your heart and eyes. College isn't all fun and games, don't let all of this get to your head. You can and you will do this, just stay focused.

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