Change in My Academic Plans

by Iria Vasquez-Paez about a year ago in degree

I've decided something important.

Change in My Academic Plans

I’ve decided that an M.S. in psychology is iffy right now. I want to get a law degree, sure, and I want to go to UCLA to study the public health program. I have to wonder how to prepare for the LSAT and the GRE despite the way I want to study archaeology instead of psychology as a Master’s. I also am wondering how I can get my MFA eventually, if necessary. I think my law degree is more important than an M.S. in psychology, but if I wind up getting enough units for that, then fine. I’m still debating what it is I really want academically.

I know that UCLA has that joint J.D./Masters in Public Health degree. I know that I want to get some paralegal units out of the way at De Anza, I know that I need to take more classes than usual to pass this, but I have limitations as to how many classes I can take. I was contemplating one online class per quarter. But see, I’m wondering if that’s even possible with my income the way it is right now. I need to make $200 so that I can pay off a work-life balance insurance license at this one company that has great reviews.

I need my law degree first before my M.F.A., but the thing is that I am still debating on what to do. Divination doesn’t solve my indecisions either. I’m wondering when I’ll figure this out. Perhaps it waits until I make more income? I need to make enough money to pay for school, my books, and supplies. I will be taking the bus to art classes at De Anza and martial arts class as my PE unit. I’ve also come to another decision, which is to retake general education classes if I really have a bad grade in them.

I’m wondering how long getting my grades up will take me, and if in three years, I could make it to law school given I need a scholarship, maybe. I’d also study public health concurrently with law school, which means I need some psychology class credits. I really need to see an academic counselor at some point. I’m confusing myself with what I want because I want way too much. I have to decide what is important to me, even if it involves getting a junior college psychology degree instead of an M.S. I may have to ditch the M.S. entirely if I want to move to Los Angeles, the second I make money. I need to be in a rehabilitation facility to get my mental health treated. I know which facility to go to. I already know where to go.

I just have to earn enough money to pay for it. I’m confused about what I need to take. Right now, I’m confused about everything. I thought I had made a decision at some point, but I’m wondering if I will be able to pay for it all myself. It is best for me not to think about this stuff at this time in my life. I’m just working on sleeping well at night. That’s enough work to keep me busy. I’m managing not to wake up as often with messed up blood sugars as I’ve worked out my middle of the night basal rates by now as of today 9/13/18. I’m not sure if I can handle the stress of school just yet, and it is important I focus on taking the GRE in the immediate future to see if I can get into graduate school at all. I mean maybe I don’t have to retake general ed?

How does it work?
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