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Building a Flutter App- Things You Should Know

by Vinit Kariatukaran 2 months ago in how to
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Learn what to know before building a Flutter App

Flutter App Development

As mobile applications increasingly become a primary touchpoint to acquire new customers, offer products and services and build brand reputation, powering up app development initiatives is now a go-to strategy for enterprises across the board.

Cross-platform mobile app development has proven to be a boon given its time, cost, and labor efficiencies. And leading the pack of cross-platform application development frameworks is Google's Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform application development framework that uses Dart as its programming language.

The Flutter SDK sports many development tools needed to build mobile applications. It is interesting to note that some of the tools available in the Flutter SDK are derived from popular tools available in other frameworks, making the entire development experience familiar even for developers new to Flutter and Dart.

Another discerning feature of Flutter is its Widgets, reusable components that can be combined to create an entire UI. Flutter's widgets are customizable and can exit autonomously and within each other, thus adding an extra layer of responsiveness to the developed app.

Flutter enables developers to sip their app to the App store and the Play Store simultaneously without making any modifications to the source code. With minor adjustments to the code, Flutter can also be leveraged to create a PWA version of the app being developed.

Supporting technologies

  • Visual Studio

Many Web designers choose Visual Studio to create modules for their applications. Visual Studio's massive library comes in handy while adding new features and functionalities to the developed Flutter app.

  • Android Studio

The Android manager can add great value to your development project if you are targeting Android as your primary OS. With Android Studio, developers can rapidly code in features and functionalities once you have set up Flutter and your IDE.

  • Dart

The Flutter team at Google initially surveyed over 12 programming languages before settling on Dart. This decision was made because of how Dart interacts with UI builds. Dart's simplicity and shallow learning curve are the primary reasons the Flutter development community consistently grows larger. Dart was built by Google in 2011 and was meant to replace JavaScript.

  • Create New Flutter Project in the IDE.  
  • Select Flutter Application as the task type. Then, at that point, click Next.  
  • Enter an undertaking name (for instance, myapp). Then, at that point, click Next.  
  • Click Finish.  
  • Android Studio will introduce the SDK and run the app.  


Select Tools> Android > AVD Manager and make a target selector there. You can now run your app.

Flutter development Hacks

We discovered a few tips, strategies, and libraries when developing apps with Flutter. These tips and tactics can help you save time and increase productivity as a developer.

1. Make use of Flutter Snippet

Flutter Code Snippet will turn you into a productivity machine. Using the shortcuts streamBldr and singleChildSV, you can make a StreamBuilder Widget or a SingleChildScrollView Widget, for example. The flutter snippet can be used with Android Studio or VSCode.

2. Use Font Awesome to Make Mind-Blowing Icons

You don't have to be a designer to add mind-blowing icons to your app. Use the font Awesome for Flutter to create instant magic.

3. Use the Singleton Pattern to Reuse Data

The term "singleton" refers to a class containing just one instance and offers global access. It's also simple to get incorrect if you don't use it correctly.

4. Use const Constructor to Avoid Widget Rebuild

Always use the const constructor to avoid undesired widget rebuilds.

5. Dartfmt for Code Formatting

Always use trailing commas when writing (,). Dartfmt will assist you in formatting your code. After that, you'll be able to use dartfmt to eliminate the formatting difficulty.

6. Reduce Duplicate Data using a Custom Extension

Make sure your code is dry. Maintain a DRY environment. DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yourself in this context. As a result, you should avoid duplicating functionality in several places.

7. Using The Double Dot, Less Code is Required

The single dot (.) operator is used in Dart. And we just talked about three dots (...) a few minutes ago. As a result, one and three dots have been covered. Is there something lacking in the middle?

When many method calls on the same object are made, the cascade operator can be used to reduce typing time.

8. Measure Execution Time with Tracing

You might not realize how long it took to complete your restroom task. You can, however, utilize the Tracing to check how long it takes to execute.

9. Log Anything with Smart Logging

We can pass other objects such as List, Map, or Set in addition to the string message. Check out the logger doc for more information about log level, logPrinter, and logOutput.

10. Create Professional Cross-Platform Icons

Have you made a mistake by creating icons for your Android and iOS apps? Don't worry; we'll show you how to tackle it with the Flutter Launcher Icon in two steps. Set up your config file first.

After that, run the package

Do you require extra strength in certain situations? Use basic util instead. It includes a list of effective ways to increase productivity at the proper time.

11 . Instead of Container, Use SizedBox

When compared to Container, SizedBox is lighter.

12. To Make Debugging Easier, Select Slow Animation

When creating your flutter animation, it's critical to double-check for little elements. There's a chance you'll miss something important that will affect the animation in the final scene.

13. Customize Your Experience Using the Introduction Screen

Do not go through the trouble of creating a distinct introduction screen. You can make it fit your project in whatever way you desire.

14. Simple Image Caching

For clear picture caching, you can include an image caching plugin in the pubspec.yaml file.

15. Dartfmt Allows Simple Code Formatting

The real issue arises, as we all know, when you need to change commas in your existing code. Dartfmt, on the other hand, makes formatting your Flutter code a breeze.

16. When Writing Cleaner Code, Use the Spread Operator

The Spread Operator is an intriguing new Dart 2.3 that allows you to design nested conditional UI widgets.

17. Use ListView for Rendering

Start using keys on each of them if you want an efficient ListView rendering.

18. Get The Most Out Of Get.It

You will need to inject dependencies as needed throughout the program's functionality. It would help if you did this since it will make testing and troubleshooting the code easier.

In Conclusion

Flutter, Google's brainchild, is smoothing out the road to app creation. It gives developers shortcuts for developing Android and iOS apps. So there you have it, a sparkly new cross-platform application built with Flutter. Not only have you cut down the time it would take to target the primary Mobile Oss in the market, but you have also halved your costs, given that the app you now possess will run perfectly well on Android and iOS. Now all you need to do is hire Flutter app developers to render your app vision in the physical realm.

Now that you have a clear idea of what you can accomplish with Flutter app development services, choosing it as your app development toolkit makes a lot of sense. Its widgets, hot reloads, Hot restarts, minimalistic and easy code, rapid identification of errors, and issue posting make Flutter one of the most desirable cross-platform applications. We trust that this article will prove informative. Until next time, happy developing!

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