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Best Tourist Places of Khandwa MP

Khandwa darshniya sthal

By Rajshree ThakurPublished about a year ago 6 min read
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Best Tourist Places of Khandwa MP -

The ancient name of Khandwa city was Khandavvan which gradually became Khandwa in colloquial terms after the arrival of the Mughals and the British. According to belief Sita Mata was thirsty here during the vanvas. Ramji made a well here by shooting an arrow and that well is known as Rameshwar well which is located near Navchandi Mata Temple in Rameshwar Nagar of Khandwa. Khandwa is also the birth place of famous singer Kishore Kumar.There are many sightseeing and tourist places in Khandwa . Let us know about some of the major places where you can go for visit.

Omkareshwar Khandwa -

Omkareshwar is a famous pilgrimage center in Khandwa district. It is a major tourist destination located near Khandwa. Jyotirlinga is situated in Omkareshwar. Before visiting Omkareshwar, people take a dip in Narmada ji and then go to see Omkareshwar Shivling. Here you get to see a mountain in the middle of the Narmada river and. People come from far and wide to visit this pilgrimage site. Here is a bridge to go to the mountain built in the middle of the Narmada river. You can reach Omkareshwar comfortably by your car, bus, train.

Saint Singaji Dham Khandwa -

Saint Singaji was a famous saint of Nimar region. Sant Singaji Dham is a religious place in Khandwa district. This is one of the best place to visit in Khandwa. Here you can see the tomb of Saint Singaji. His mausoleum is located in the filling area of Indira Sagar Dam. The tomb of Saint Singaji is built in an island in the Narmada Indira Sagar Dam. There is also a way to reach this island. This island is surrounded by the waters of the Narmada River from all sides. You can also enjoy taking a bath here. The mausoleum here is built very beautifully and you can come here for a walk. It feels good to come here.

Indira Sagar Dam Khandwa -

Indira Sagar Dam is a major tourist destination of Khandwa city. This dam is a multi-purpose project. This dam fulfills the needs like electricity and irrigation. Apart from this the dam is also a scenic spot. Here you get to see the beautiful reservoir. This reservoir is spread over a very large area. Indira Sagar Dam is also known as Punasa Dam. This dam is built on the Narmada River. You can reach here comfortably in your car and see the beautiful view of the dam. This dam is worth seeing in Khandwa.

Dhuni Wale Baba Ji Khandwa

Dhuniwale babaji was a famous sant of this region . He was very miraculous and they used to cure people.. Dhuni Wale Baba Ji is a famous religious place located in Khandwa city. Here one can see the temple of Dhuni Baba Dhuni Wale Baba Ji. Here the fire keeps burning for 24 hours. People apply the ashes of dhuni on their forehead and remember the dhuni wale baba ji. This place is famous all over Khandwa. Here you also get to see a museum, in which information about Dhuni Wale Baba Ji has been givenThis place is also located at a distance of two-three kilometers from the railway station.

Hanumantiya Khandwa -

Hanumantiya is a major tourist destination located in Khandwa District. The management of this tourist destination is done by MP Tourism. This tourist spot has been built in the filling area of Indira Sagar Dam. Hanumantiya Tapu is made artificially. There is a water festival in January which has a lot of activities and there are also cultural programs which you can enjoy by coming here. This is one of the main places to visit in Khandwa . Here you can enjoy a lot of water activities. To stay in Hanumantiya Tapu tourists get the facility of camp in which the live comfortably. Here you can enjoy cruise boat, speed boat, water roller, banana ride, bumper boat, and you can enjoy all of them at very low prices.

Siddha Tekdi Avdhoot Dham Khandwa -

Siddha Tekri Avdhoot Dham is a religious place located in the city of Khandwa. This place is surrounded by natural environment. Narmada river flows by the side of this Dham. This place is very close to Omkareshwar. You can go here for sightseeing and have a great time.

Bhimkund Temple Khandwa -

Bhimkund Temple is very ancient temple of Khandwa. This temple is situated at a very beautiful place. Here both side rivers meet to see. This temple is built in the middle of the rivers. It feels great to be here. The natural environment here gives pleasure to the mind. This temple is dedicated to Shankar ji . Here you also get to see a small reservoir in which water flows from the reservoir during the rainy season, which looks very beautiful.

Navchandi Mata Mandir Khandwa-

Navchandi Mata temple is very famous temple . This temple is spread over a very large area. Navchandi Mata temple is dedicated to Durga ji. In this temple you also get to see Lord Shiva, Hanuman ji. A huge fair is organized in this temple during navratri in which people from far and wide participate. This temple looks very beautiful.

Asirgarh Fort -

Asirgarh Fort or Asigarh Fort was built by King Asa Ahir of the Ahir dynasty. Earlier this fort was called Asa Ahir Garh, but with time the name of this fort was shortened, and today it is known by its present name.Khandwa is a major attraction. Which is considered as the eye of Deccan. around the world every year .Thousands of tourists come to see this fort. This fort is one of the main factors of Khandwa tourism.

Kishore Kumar Memorial Khandwa -

Kishore Kumar was a famous singer of india . Kishore Kumar sung songs in many languages like Hindi, Bangla, Tamil. Kishore Kumar Memorial is a main tourist destination of Khandwa city. Kishore Kumar ji was born in Khandwa and his memorial has been built in Khandwa itself. This monument is very beautiful. Here is a idol of Kishore Kumar. Apart from this, many photos of Kishore Kumar have also been posted here.

Shri Digambar Jain Temple Siddhavarkoot Khandwa -

Shri Digambar Jain Temple is a major religious place located in the city of Khandwa. It is a Jain pilgrimage site. This temple is made of white marble. This temple is situated near Omkareshwar. Shri Digambar Jain temple is situated on the other side of Narmada river of Omkareshwar mountain. You can go for a walk whenever Omkareshwar comes to this temple. You can also go to this temple by boat. This temple is very beautiful and you can spend your good time here.

Nagchu Lake Khandwa -

Nagchu Lake is a major tourist attraction of Khandwa . Here are a beautiful lake and a park is also built here. This lake is also called Atal Sarovar. The lake is named after our honorable late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee .Tourist also enjoy boating in the lake. Tourist can enjoy the toy train here. Here you also get to see the beautiful view of the sunset..


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