Best Jobs You Can Get with an Associate's Degree

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Feel like obtaining an associate's degree is enough for you? These are the greatest jobs you can get with an associate's degree.

Best Jobs You Can Get with an Associate's Degree

Many people believe that just getting your associate's degree can't get you any job at all. That you'll be working behind a McDonald's counter for the rest of your life and regret not shooting further in your education. In fact, getting your associate's degree is way better than not getting a degree at all. But there are jobs that don't require a degree. And in actuality, you can achieve more than you've expected with just an associate's degree!

From becoming a registered nurse to being a dental hygienist, a computer programmer, and much more, you can make a decent amount of money with just your associate's degree. If you believe that you can only get an associate's degree through financial issues or simply don't want to continue further in your education, you can still achieve goals with just that! These are the best jobs you can get with an associate's degree and make good money out of any of them.

Registered Nurse

Who knew you can become an actual registered nurse with just an associate's degree? Of the greatest jobs you can get with an associate's degree, you can certainly become a registered nurse or even an ADN. In fact, this option is a lot faster and it's more affordable for certain people.

While a bachelor's degree is the most common choice when it comes to becoming a registered nurse, a two-year program can still offer you a lot of benefits in the field. But to achieve much higher, it's possible for you to consider getting a four-year degree.

Electronic Engineering Technician

With the proper associate's degree in the field, there's a possibility of you becoming an electronics engineering technician. You’ll have the opportunity to work with the physical technology of electronics. You can help professionals design a wide range of equipment like devices, electrical components, medical technology, and even communication tools.

However, in order to achieve this profession, you’d need to gain an associate’s degree in the right field. You can also work in this field for either the government and private companies.

Radiation Therapist

Ever wanted to work with cancer patients or patients with other diseases? If you thought that you needed to gain an education way higher than an associate’s, then think again! Among the best jobs you can get with an associate's degree, you can certainly become a radiation therapist.

While working as a radiation therapist, you can treat cancer patients and other diseases with radiation treatments. While most of these individuals work in hospitals, there are also physician offices and outpatient centers to consider. Plus while working, you can possible expect a job growth!

Dental Hygienist

So many people believed that it would take forever for anyone to work in the dental field. That everyone basically had to get their master’s degree to work in a dental office. However, as one of the jobs you can get with an associate's degree, you can gain the profession of becoming a dental hygienist!

As a dental hygienist, it’s your duty to clean patients’ teeth, talk to them about proper dental hygiene, and even assist the dentist in anything. While all states require a proper licensing, an associate’s degree can still lead you to that job. A dental hygienist is one of the best careers for moms who want more work-life balance.

Computer Programmer

Being a computer programmer is among the greatest jobs you can get with an associate's degree. Since most computer applications and softwares need a proper code to function, it’s the computer programmer’s duty to create the codes. Since the majority of these programmers have a bachelor’s degree, there are employers who are willing to hire someone with an associate’s degree.

However, the position is expected to decline by eight percent. Yet, there are still opportunities out there for people in the computer programming field to take on.

Telecom Installer

Who knew that becoming a telecom installer is one of the jobs you can get with an associate's degree? As for the responsibilities a telecom installer takes on, you’re mainly required to repair and handle any equipment that revolves around communication. This includes equipment such as internet connections, telephone lines, and other communication devices.

While a certain percentage of telecom installers work with homeowners, others work for the commercial sector itself. However, the demand for a telecom installer is slowly decreasing, simply because people are going wireless. And this means less service and repairs.

Police Officer

Yes, with just an associate’s degree in the field, you can become a police officer. Police officers are always demanded, because it’s their duty to protect lives and help those in the community. While becoming an officer doesn’t need any intense education, an associate’s degree is just fine.

While the work can be physically and emotionally demanding, there are times when the job can come across pretty dangerous events. However, it’s also a really rewarding profession that offers a whole lot of insurance coverages!


Probably one of the best jobs you can get with an associate's degree in the law field, you can become a paralegal! Since the profession in very profitable, you can actually just earn your associate’s degree to get right into the field. And this is the ideal opportunity to gain more experience in law!

Becoming a paralegal also benefits your chances in obtaining a job in the legal system. As for the responsibilities, the profession works on organizing files, conducting research, and drafting documents.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Becoming a physical therapist assistant is among the greatest jobs you can get with an associate's degree. It's also an amazing job in the medical field. While they make a great amount of money, you can simply earn your associate’s degree to apply for this job!

For a physical therapist assistant, your tasks revolve around helping patients recover from their injuries through movement and exercising, help recover from illnesses, and surgeries. All of this is through movement and little exercises. You can show patients how to manage pain, as well.

Funeral Service Worker

Lastly, from the jobs you can get with an associate's degree is a funeral service worker. While some people don’t feel fit for the role, there are people who are certainly willing to take on the career. The job is basically a combination of ethics, science, law, and other areas.

As complicated as it sounds, you can enter the position just by achieving you associate’s degree! However, the job requires a flexible schedule, where people are willing to work in the evenings and weekends. There are even times when workers work more than eight hours.

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