Jobs that Don't Require a Degree

While many people believe that you can't start a career without college, there are tons of jobs that don't require a degree.

Jobs that Don't Require a Degree

While many people believe that you can't start a career without college, there are tons of jobs that don't require a degree. Many people just don't feel like college is for them, and that's okay. So long as you're willing to work hard, there are plenty of high-paying occupations you can take on.

Be ready for some hard work. All the jobs that don't require a degree require perseverance, but, with the right attitude, you can do just as well as any Master's graduate.


Farming is one of the more noteworthy jobs that don't require a degree. Farming country has a low-college admissions rate primarily because there is little need for a college degree. That's not to say that farming is unskilled labor. It takes a great deal of intelligence and skill to properly tend to your crops and take care of your land.

However, at the same time, a college education is not necessary. Just be sure that you can operate heavy machinery and work long, physically grueling hours.

Funeral Service Directors

While it does take special training to be an undertaker, funeral service directors actually do not need a Bachelor's degree. Some employers would prefer applicants with an Associate's degree, but many funeral homes will hire high school graduates for the position, primarily because the jobs, while well-paying, are a bit too grim for most people.

Think you have a good sense of how to properly organize events? Then you may want to look into one of the many jobs that don't require a degree.

Power Dispatchers

Beneath your fingertips sits a gridline of electrical power. You can operate a power distribution grid without having to take a college course.

Now, the catch is that, in order to hold the position, you will need to take some long-term training. The job has a lot of intricacies. One mistake could leave thousands without power, after all, so they won't just dump you behind the control panel on your first day. Still, no power dispatcher jobs require a college degree.

Commercial Pilots

Again, this is a job that requires a great deal of training. You need to be a certified pilot – but, again, pilot jobs don't require a degree. It requires a license, preceded by a ton of training, but a degree? This is one of those jobs that don't require a degree. It requires skill, talent, and patience, but no one is going to ask for your SAT or ACT scores, either.

Being a pilot is no easy undertaking. You hold countless lives in your hand, so they are very demanding for pilot qualifications. But, again, no need for college here.

Power Plant Operators

Engineers can construct them, but you can operate them. While it takes an Master degree in engineering to deal with many of the finer details of the plant, anyone who graduated high school can help operate a power plant.

Granted, it is a dangerous job. A lot of things can go wrong. You can be fried to a crisp, smothered in carbon monoxide, or, worst of all, roasted alive in a fire. And you will need on-sight training.

But this is one of the best jobs that don't require a degree. It pays well, and it certainly offers good benefits. It has to. The job is really dangerous.

Postal Worker

The world needs postal workers. Mail doesn't appear in your mail box on its own. Thankfully, to be a postal worker, you only need job training – not any degree.

Of all the jobs that don't require a degree, this one is one of the most prevalent. Every town needs a postal worker, so, thankfully, there are always openings for new employees looking for long-term work.


Another incredibly important job, mechanics are a necessary cog in society's machine. Unlike engineers, though, a mechanic only needs to keep things together. There's no need for you to figure out how to design a car. You just need to know how the pieces go together, and how to figure out what's wrong.

The great thing about this job, aside from being one of those jobs that don't require a degree, is that, if you like cars, this is heaven. You get to work with cars all day long and get paid for it. It offers you puzzles of machinery. It's quite the career for car enthusiasts.

Casino Managers

Do you like games? How would you like to get paid running games all day?

Casinos are often in need of managers to manage both the gambling tables and the money changing hands. It's important that the casino runs smoothly. There's a lot of things to manage, and, thus, a lot of positions that need to be held.

Just, fair warning, it can be a little dangerous if any of the customers get riled up.

The Military

The military has the market cornered on jobs that don't require a degree. You see military recruiters around high schools, looking for new graduates. There are jobs available for all willing to put their lives on the line for their country.

The job is incredibly physically grueling. You may not live through your service. You may experience traumatic horror that will leave you scarred for life. But this remains one of the most reliable jobs that don't require a degree.

Miranda O'Conner
Miranda O'Conner
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