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For the moment challenge

By olayinka peterPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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Afterward, she would recollect that moment in explodes: like she were remaining behind a splendid light that blazed between scenes, gleaming strangely with colors that were too brilliant before her eyes:

In the first place, there is the cliché of the eatery, with its beige walls and beige tables and beige countenances, and she battling to keep her eyes zeroed in on the lady sitting opposite her while the lady attempted to no end to keep her consideration, noticeably flattening with each unacknowledged endeavor at a genuine association, a future commitment, and she feeling seriously however unfit to give her what she needs, and just herself believing that the feast should end, and why had they booked a first date on Easter Sunday at any rate;

Then, at that point, there is an eruption of outrage from some place in the room, and the sort of impulse each lady needs to learn in the course of her life raises its exhausted head and she tenses, and the lady opposite her tenses and interestingly they are completely in a state of harmony;

Then, a progression of sharp pops and torment: a shocking tearing that feels like her chest is being just barely gotten on the two sides by the heaviness of the earth, and how is it that anything could be so consuming, she might have shouted or she might have recently froze, froze in complete forswearing as the commotion racked her body;

Faces over her, beige seeping into beige becoming red and yellow and blue, and she feels the cool tile floor against the bare skin of her back, and she picked this provocative, low profile shirt in an eruption of positive thinking that was obliterated nearly when she got to the eatery, and something warm is leaking across her body, protecting her, herself surrendering herself for herself;

Shouting and the heaviness of bodies moving around her, joining her in the vigil on the virus floor. She would have moved in the event that she would be able, however a deadness is crawling along her arms and middle, and she feels like she is dissolving endlessly, her body condensing around her very much like the spilled cocktail that has fallen close to her, and she imagines that she would have jumped at the chance to complete that;

She thinks perhaps this is her discipline for being a terrible date; perhaps Juliana had informed that man to come inside and shoot her for not giving her enough consideration, despite the fact that she had simply hesitantly consented to the date in any case and that's what juliana knew, realized she wasn't exactly searching for another accomplice yet, not so not long after Annie left - however all things considered, in any event, going on the date warrants some normal degree of commitment, some implicit smidgen of interest, and perhaps she planned to pass on for not carrying on reasonably;

Yet, perhaps I won't bite the dust, she thinks, as the agony keeps on crushing her middle like a goliath clench hand, perhaps I should see every challenge as a potential opportunity some great life example - however at that point she begins to act normally again and figures she might have snickered, draining on the floor with individuals overreacting around her: What horse crap, what utter bologna to think this has meaning, this slug in my side during easter early lunch in Nashville in the year 2024, it has no significance other than its own complete silliness; no legitimization that can make this right; and how could anybody with a pulsating heart face a daily reality such that certain individuals stroll into cafés hoping to be shot, and others catch wind of it and call it part of a stupendous arrangement;

She shuts her eyes and holds back to witness what will to her, and not long before she at last drops, she thinks it once more: what utter, utter horse crap.

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  • Ayomideabout a month ago

    Nice writing olayinka peter 🥰 I love your story 😻

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