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By Abu KamaraPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Dear youths,

Is me “The Pen Pusher” writing this letter and I know all is not well.

Which has made me to join Chinua Achebe to ask

Where are the young suckers that will grow when the old banana tree dies?

Some say you are the present and not the future.

Whilst some believe otherwise.

But whatever might be the case.

Our present and future realities depend on you.

You are the pride and glory of the land,

The strength of hope and the courage to the old

But alas my Lord! My heart skips violently in panic fear

Fair of losing you to alcoholism and drug addiction;

Fair of losing you to violence.

The Killer of that intrinsic energy needed for purpose.

Wherever you are, we hear of pockets of violence.

With gullible politicians everywhere

Acting behind the scenes

Yes, CNN, AYV, BBC, ALGIZIRA have all testified

That you are not dignified

Surrounded by you are fantasies;

Don’t fall for them,

They are dream killers,

Be brave to say no;

Learn to conquer your fairs.

Remember yesterday you were called a child, today a youth and tomorrow

You will be called old age

If you rise too early the dew of life will soak you

Because everything has its own place. Why the tortoise is not tall, but it is taller than the snail,

The snail is taller than the frog, the frog is taller than the lizard, the lizard is taller than the fly,

The fly is taller than the ant, and the ant in turn is taller than the ground on which it walks.

Everything has its own place, its own level, its own standard and its own time

The moon moves slowly and by daybreak it crosses the sky

So be yourself and conquer your fairs

For it will be told that once upon a time

The play wright and Poet, The Pen Pusher

In a letter Poured out his Lamentation to you

It is evidently and imperially proven that you have become a concern to the society

Rather than a solution

Youth! Youth! Youth! Where are you?

How many times did I call you?

Three times I called you and three times you did not answer

But listen and listen well

Life as a camera captures only what is focuses on

Can’t you remember that the fall of a dead leaf is a warning to the green one?

Ask them to have their children in the forefronts of violence if they can

Ask them to place their children under the influence of killer drugs if they can

Tell them that the river can stop you from crossing over but cannot prevent you from returning home

Is high time you returned home and discover yourself as a youth with mission and Vision

Your life is a precious gift to this nation

Die not carelessly; for no one can remember you

Die not under the influence of drug and alcohol, no one can remember you either;

Die as a hero of peace and you will be admired and remembered for your courage, integrity and commitment to making the world a better place

Die as a role model to the younger generation

For you have the power to pioneer the protection of the society

Remember that a chick that will grow into a cock will be spotted the very day it hatches

A misspent youth will degenerate into a tragic old age

And Youth is an opportunity to do something and become somebody

But where are the young suckers that will grow when the old banana tree dies? Chinua Achebe wants to know.


About the Creator

Abu Kamara

Mr. Abu Kamara holds a master of Arts Degree in Peace and Development Studies from Njala University Bo Campus with 8As and 4Bs in various courses. He also holds a FirstClass undergraduate degree with Honours in Social Work. He is a lecturer

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Good letter! Gazoogabloga! Very well written!

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