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A Day In The Life Of Man

The Life of Man

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The abominable travesties that are playing out on the world stage are a direct cause of the way societies have shifted. Shifted away from the decorum that prevailed even in the darkest hour of man during World War II. Many can relate this shift to progress. And yet too many are facing unprecedented suffering at the hands of governmental intrusions that are causing so much misery all around the world. The perpetrators of calamity have set the world ablaze. The tempests mankind is facing are a direct cause of the insatiable appetite for power, control and wealth.

The underlying reasons are many. In the United States our democracy is only effective by an educated and participating populace. And when our elected officials restrict, openly deprive, sequester, of intimidate those who seek information designed for their wellbeing democracy fails and we in turn end up being subjected to tyrannical rule by an elite ruling class. We have allowed political systems to deteriorate to the point that equal representation is no longer in the political process that our Founding Fathers outlined back in 1788.

We have been witnessed to a rise in racial tensions, violent assaults, global food insecurity, freshwater shortages and allot more of man's induced disasters that are ravaging populations in every sector of the world. Remembering that old saying "If there is a will there is a way." Well, for years governments have only increased the catastrophes that are occurring almost on a daily basis because they have always lacked the will to solve the many crises that are playing out on the world's stage.

There are no unsung heroes today only puppeteers who pull the strings of too many in government. The shaping of societies has been orchestrated by the willful contempt for the betterment of all living things. The extinction of many species continues unabated by man's inhumanity to man, nature and the environment. Has it been the nature of man once they gain influence, power and authority over others as in the case of governmental officials to use that authority for selfish reasons? In too many instances' societies have been routinely subjected to the unwise influence that policy makers inject into society.

The depictable acts of governments have rendered populations helpless against their assaults on human dignity. The United States is not alone in this. Too many times we have been beguiled by false promises that never have been kept. After decades of abuses, corruption and deceit that have infiltrated the halls of government we are seeing the results being played out today.

When policy makers openly promote stripping away established safety nets for society like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and EBT programs without the forethought of offering contingency programs and at the same suggest that the crisis in Ukraine is good for business as usual for the United States all indicate that we no longer have a government that works for the betterment of all its citizens.

The harsh reality facing millions due to the lack of foresight in combating climate change, inflation, easing the Ukraine crisis, and other international hot spots have all contributed to the decline of our moral compass. The downward spiral of millions of Americans quality of life is not just caused by the inflation that has hit every sector of American life but the lack of governmental intervention to ease the imbalances in our society. The economic truth to put balance back in society can't be achieved when millions continue to drain over 40% of their disposable income to put a roof over their head. The impact of this alone reduces every other aspect of an economy to grow. and flourish. We are seeing the failure of governments to put in play reforms that are necessary reduce the rate of inflation. This is especially true with the Fed. Any time they raise interest rates they really are ineffective in reducing inflation.

The profiteers of mayhem continue to keep the world hostage. And until societies realize that the ineffectiveness of governments to solve the major crisis through-out the world are actually caused by governments themselves a perpetual cycle of man induced crisis after another will continue. As long as society remains a passive onlooker. And without an unsung hero not only our economy will decline but the future for generations to come will pay the price for today's failure to implement the reforms necessary to ease the major crisis of our times.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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