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6 Things Startups Should Consider Before They Launch a New App in the Market

There are crucial factors to keep in mind while launching a new app

By Umama Zahir Published 3 years ago 5 min read
6 Things Startups Should Consider Before They Launch a New App in the Market
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In today’s technologically advanced world people believe that marketing no longer plays a role in promoting products. However, isn't true because promoting a product always requires an audience; in fact, it plays a vital role.

The best way to launch your product is by introducing it to a target audience. This is the reason why when a new product is about to hit the market, the main people behind the idea try their best to inculcate the goodness of their product in the audience’s minds beforehand.

They tend to portray the product in a way that makes a spectator feel as if it has everything one needs. They propagate their views and agendas in such a smooth way that some people even start booking the products in advance.

However, marketers who launch apps have to adopt a slightly different strategy and owners of start-ups should keep in mind a few essential things before their new app arrives in the market. They are as follows:

1. Explore new ideas

Exploring myriad ideas is crucial. This world is a platform for startups to brainstorm multiple ideas before they decide on one specific plan. With the advancements in technology, we witness various companies working on many different apps daily. Therefore, it’s essential to consider how your app is going to stand out and grasp the attention of the customers.

For this reason, don’t ever keep yourself confined to a single idea; because after research, if you find that your idea is already being used by someone else then you will be left with nothing but hopelessness. Initiate one core proposition of an app and promote it. Next, wait for the right amount of positive responses to know the potential of your app.

2. Timing matters

Before launching a new app in the market, the most crucial factor to take into consideration is the correct timing. More often than not, timing can get you in trouble. If you promote your product and then wait for two to three months to finally launch it, then people might lose interest in it or might even change the object of their interest.

Early timing can cause issues as well because proper promotion holds vitality for the app and the company. Therefore, you must keep the tricky factor of timing in mind before launching your app. The best way of going about it is by keeping your audience’s interest at its peak. Start a strong promotional campaign to attract the attention of your audience and entice them.

3. Never underestimate the power of social media

The significance of a strong social media campaign cannot be emphasized enough. However, before you start, you must define your target audience and interact effectively with them to keep them engaged in your brand’s products.

Start a hashtag of some really catchy keywords before the launch. These keywords will gain popularity over blogs and various social networking sites and will ultimately succeed in grasping the attention of the desired audience.

Moreover, there should also be proper timing to post on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter because of the availability of the type of audience that you want to get hold of. You should give a specific definition of success and commit to it.

Email marketing holds vitality of its own. Build your own email list of important contacts for the success of your launch. There are some sites like Campaign Monitor and Sumo that send emails that are hard for clients to ignore. This will help you in the affluence of your launch to a great degree.

4. Sneak peeks and objectives

Advertisement and marketing are very crucial in today’s world. The most popular trick to promote your app is to provide a trailer, a sneak peek of the product that is to be launched. Humans love visual theatrics. A simple message along with a preview, photos of the product, an advertisement to convey to your audience what your application is all about. This visual marketing gives assurance and strengthens the prospect of your success.

Don’t give aimless details, though. Focus on your objectives. What is it you want to achieve with your pre-launch marketing and campaigns? Create a proper plan with solid foundations so your audience takes you seriously.

5. Importance of Beta testers

Beta testers play an important role in any software launching. They are really good for reaching a target research audience. TestFlight is one of the best platforms to carry out beta testing. You need to highlight your goals, length, and objectives through this testing. App testing is crucial to avoid any problem in the app.

Testing has its specific costs but testing at every stage is very important for the flourishing of an app. It’s also important even after the launch of an app because via feedback you can detect the problems and bugs associated with your app. This will allow you to make some improvements to it.

6. Keep upgrading

Your task is never done even after you have successfully launched a campaign and done excellent marketing. You must aim to get feedback from the reviewers — from those who are interested in your app. You must consider their advice so you can improve your app further.

The app’s performance, functionality, and speed, ease of use, and price play an important role in its success. High prices don’t look attractive and are most likely going to diminish the interest of the audience. Keep on upgrading your app even if it is successfully launched. Focus on your marketing budget and keep testing for better results because the market is overflowing with various apps and your goal is to keep your app the most upgraded one.

Final thoughts

It is an arduous task for start-ups to launch a new app as every app has a chance of failing altogether. Pre-launch marketing is the most important stage in the development of an app and it determines the success and failure of an app to a good extent.

It took a great deal of hard work, passion, and authenticity to get Apple's fame. Even the greatest minds are bound to make mistakes. But we can rise from our failures. The key is not to quit if you temporarily face a backlash.

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  • Spark to Shine5 months ago

    This article brilliantly outlines essential considerations for startups launching new apps. Insightful and practical advice that resonates with my own experiences. Well done!

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