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5 Tips for Writing a Novel in 2 Weeks?

by Zari's Diary 4 months ago in list
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Yes it is possible!!

5 Tips for Writing a Novel in 2 Weeks?
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Have you ever thought about writing a novel or writing a novella? Well, if you're anything like the old me, you probably procrastinated on writing a novel. Maybe you have experienced writer's block, or you can't seem to come up with any good ideas for a book. I am revealing my top five tips for finishing a novel fast. Last year in December, I used these tips to complete the first draft of my verse novel, and I don't see why you can't use them to finish your draft. So, let's get to it! -Here are my top five writing tips for writing a novel in 2 weeks.

1. Create A Routine

Creating a writing routine is essential if you want to complete any of your writing goals. You are more likely to finish things if you write at a scheduled time every day. I wrote the first draft of my novel every morning at around 9:00 am. I also decided to write four pages a day. Writing this number of pages at a set time every day kept me on track with my goal and pushed me to get things completed.

A routine can also benefit a writer if they work or attend school. Currently, I am taking courses online at Southern New Hampshire University. Since I write in the morning, I have time to complete my work around noon or the evening.

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2. Track Your Progress

Keeping track of your progress when writing a novel is important. Get your calendar and some stickers and go to work.

For example, place a sticker for every day you write on the calendar. This technique will help you stay on top of your writing goals. Also, it will help you complete your draft faster.

I found this method of tracking your writing progress helpful. Whenever I would look at the previous days marked on the calendar by the stickers, I was more inclined to stay on schedule. I had a sense of urgency to remain on track to complete my draft.

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3. Handwrite Your Novel

Now, this may not work for some people. -But handwriting my novel or any piece of literature has worked for me.

In the past, whenever I tried to type an entire novel on my laptop, the process was a disaster. I remember sitting at my desk and staring at a blank page for hours. However, when I handwrite something in a notebook, the magic of the written word takes place. I can come up with more creative ideas than ever before.

You can skip this step if you are more comfortable typing or if your handwriting is not excellent. I know some people can't understand their handwriting because their penmanship is terrible.

4. Freewriting

Freewriting can help generate ideas when you experience writer's block. Often some writers feel the need to self-edit as they write. However, such a practice can lead to blank pages or few words written. When you write without filtering your words, more creative ideas and phrases seem to flow on the page.

Grab a notebook and free-write for a least ten minutes. Do not worry about grammar or spelling mistakes. Keep writing until your timer goes off. When you have finished reading through your written pages, circle phrases or ideas that stand out.

-The words you circle can become ideas for stories, dialogue, or chapters. Also, use sticky notes if you do not want to circle or scribble over your work. - This leads me to my next tip.

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5. Sticky Notes

Most writers use sticky notes during the editing process. -Notes like these can be helpful because you can mark important passages of your draft that need improvement. For example, one chapter of your novel may have a plot hole. Sticky notes can help you document this inconsistency in the story line.

Also, sticky notes are color-coded. You can buy a pack of yellow, neon green, and pink sticky notes. If you are a writer who loves detail, this can come in handy because each color can stand for something. Yellow can be for plot hole notes, and blue for grammar corrections.

I like to add notes while writing a draft. After finishing my writing session, I read through pages of my work. Most of the time, I will notice errors and add a sticky note to the page. The practice saves me time during my editing process.

Okay, people, that completes my tips and tricks for writing a novel in 2 weeks. Writers, get out your pens and notebooks and get to work!!!


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