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Lilies on the Subway

by Zari's Diary 4 months ago in Short Story
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Drift-fly away

Lilies on the Subway
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

While looking out the window of the subway train-you see a floating dollhouse. "I must be dreaming-this can't be real. How did I get here?"

-But this is not a dream. -This is a moment of self-realization. You look around at the empty blue subway seats and the fingerprint smudges covering the rail in front of you. You see dry, muddy footprints on the floor too. Yet no one is riding on the train but you.

Although you are afraid at first, you look back at the dollhouse in the window. You notice the rooms are dark except for the living room. A shadowy figure stands in the middle of the room.

-There is nothing in this room but cream, orange peel walls below a popcorn ceiling. -No, furniture or appliances-space among the silhouette in the middle of the room.

The blank space clears your mind and allows you to form a new image from your imagination. -Then, orange peel walls and popcorn ceilings shapeshift into a sky full of fluffy dark purple and pink neon clouds.

These clouds surround a beautiful peach sunset hovering over an ocean.

In this picture, the silhouette stands proudly upon wet sand.

The shadowy figure stretches its arms out like wings.

The big bright sun melts gradually below the scenery.

You resonate with this image until the window becomes blurry.

The conductor announces, "next stop, E-A-N-G-H-C." Tiny goosebumps cover your arms; Your face grows cold.

Fortunately for you, this subway never stops, and the sequence of the train matters, not the announcements.

You find yourself thinking about that silhouette in the window-wishing you could be free to trod in wet sand.

You look through the blurry pane, hoping to catch another glimpse at the shadowy figure. -Then, something captures your attention a bright light shines through the blinds of the next window. -Because you are curious, you decide to check it out.

Now, the scene is different, and the wet sandy ground of the dollhouse appears to be a brown rocky surface.

The silhouette walks toward the stairs that lead into the clouds.

"-No visible path? -An unforeseen destiny?" You repeat these questions to yourself as you look out the window.

You perceive the silhouette's destiny as cloudy.

The figure takes its time, crawling before climbing steadily up the stairs that turn into a mountain. Suddenly, this scene transitions into another moment.

The little figure is standing at the mountain's peak, surrounded by yellow lilies. -Stretching its right arm out while gazing at the clear indigo sky. The scene begins to fade, and the moment dissolves into a foggy window. -Just like the first window.

The train begins to move faster, and the ride gets bumpy. You hold on to your seat tight.

You hold your head up and look toward the subway car door glass. To your surprise, it's me, the silhouette.

My shadow form changes right in front of your eyes. I reveal myself to you.

By David Trinks on Unsplash

Now you see I am you, and you are me. You walk toward the car door and place your hand on the glass. I put my hand against the part where your hand is, and I press my hand against that part too. I watch as you dissolve into vivid yellow lily petals. I watch as your petals-pieces of you-pieces of me fly swiftly.

-Moving around the rails and underneath the seats of the subway car. I let you go because you are the part of me that needs to drift and fade away.

I listen for the announcement. "Next stop, C-H-A-N-G-E." Turning away from the door, I walk down the aisle of the new subway car. I hold on to a rail and wait patiently as my stop approaches. I am ready for a new sequence in life.

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Zari's Diary

Hey everyone! I'm Zari welcome to my diary! I started this blog to express and discuss my passion for writing, crochet, art, singing, dance, and poetry! Yes! I'm very talented! Follow me as I create!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This was so beautiful! I loved how you used a train ride to symbolise shedding the old parts of us and beginning a new life. This take on the challenge was so brilliant and I loved it so much!

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