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3 Ways Fiverr Can Help You Scale Your Business

How To Use Fiverr Freelancer Effectively To Your Bussiness Advantage

By Akinwale Dolapo Published 2 months ago 8 min read
3 Ways Fiverr Can Help You Scale Your Business
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The seemingly never-ending list of tasks may be too much for you to handle as an online course creator. When you’re not working on your course, you’re probably writing social media text, creating reels, coming up with a marketing plan, or expanding your email list.

The truth is that you don’t have to go it alone.

You can get the help you need at the Thinkific Store on Fiverr. It enables you to find a qualified freelancer fast and effortlessly to help you with some work so you can return to concentrating on what you do best: instructing your students.

The Thinkific Store on Fiverr is available to assist you whether you need assistance creating a logo for your new company, putting up your website, or creating a marketing strategy.

What does Fiverr’s Thinkific Store do?

The Thinkific Store on Fiverr is a carefully curated marketplace of businesses and independent contractors committed to assisting you in creating, launching, and promoting your online course. Additionally, you may keep well inside your budget thanks to Fiverr’s range of freelancers. By delegating work to individuals with the requisite knowledge, you not only avoid having to break the bank in order to receive the assistance you require, but you also hasten the process of launching (and scaling) your online course.

According to Tameka N. Allen, online course consultant and launch manager for Allen Digital Group, “The opening of the Thinkific store on Fiverr gives so many more people access to Thinkific partners who can help them get their courses up and selling in half the time.”

Using the Thinkific Store on Fiverr can benefit you in three crucial ways, according to the course authors and independent contractors we spoke with. This is how:

1. Using a freelancer from Fiverr will save you time.

What would everyone like to see more of? Time. Using a freelancer from Fiverr will help you produce more of it.

SiteLogic’s founder, Matt Bailey, has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing. He has been leading on-site training for businesses’ marketing departments for the last six years. He claims that he had the desire to use his skills to develop online courses in the back of his mind.

He claims that he explored about 15 learning management systems before settling on Thinkific when the epidemic finally gave him the opportunity to transfer his expertise online. According to Matt, “Thinkific did pretty much everything I wanted.”

Matt sought assistance from two Fiverr freelancers, Reema Singhal from India and Andrew from Italy, to create an email template and drip email campaign. Even though Matt had knowledge and experience in marketing, he decided to outsource those activities since he thought his time would be better spent elsewhere. He also detested writing.

“I don’t want to do everything myself,” he says. “I’m a firm believer in paying people who have a specialty to do that specialty; you’re better off paying them to do it than spending the hours trying to do it yourself. Sure, I could have done these tasks. But it wouldn’t have been as good as what Reema or Andrew produced.”

He found his freelancers on Fiverr by reading their reviews and choosing who he felt most confident about.

“Reema looked at my website, studied my content, and went through my courses,” he says. “It took her about 10 days to complete the drip email campaign, but the final project was phenomenal. I was so happy with it. I will be using her many times in the future.”

Similar to how Julien Truffaut of fp-tower required assistance in building a beautiful website but lacked the time or the willingness to do it himself. “I was working really hard to create my course and find customers. I didn’t have a lot of time or knowledge to build a website,” he claims.

He was extremely pleased by the final result of outsourcing his work. “Now that I’ve found talented partners, I can rely on them for future updates and projects,” he adds.

2. Hiring a freelancer from Fiverr gives you access to an experienced viewpoint.

Getting an outsider’s opinion on your company if this is your first time in business could mean the difference between a successful and disastrous launch.

Through her own brand and the services she offers through the Thinkific Store on Fiverr, Linda Reed-Enever, a Thinkific Expert, assists Thinkific course developers in creating, marketing, and selling online courses.

Linda assists creators on Fiverr’s Thinkific Store by performing landing page and course reviews, selling downloadable course planning sheets to assist users in putting their knowledge into practice, and providing Q&A sessions where she aids users in creating a strategy for their course production.

She believes that getting an outsider’s opinion on your writing is the main advantage of hiring a freelancer from Fiverr. She argues that “many course authors don’t have prior experience in content creation or marketing.” “A lot of individuals come to me for advice on how to create landing pages or explain the value of their course. Getting suggestions from others who have previously developed courses is a terrific idea.

When Matt Bailey’s Fiverr freelancer created his drip email campaign, he also realized the importance of this third-party perspective. He was thrilled by the final product; no revisions were required, and all he had to do was copy and paste the content into the email template.

“When Reema looked at my content and created her own, I realized that what was important to her would be important to someone who’s interested in taking my courses,” he says. “I can write about my own stuff, but the person working in the field is whose opinion is important.”

“My experience using Fiverr with Thinkific was fantastic,” he continues.

3. Using a Fiverr freelancer helps you stay focused on your zone of genius

Perhaps the biggest struggle for creators like you is staying in your own lane. When tasks pile up, you might not have the time to remain focused on the tasks in your business that you love doing–aka your zone of genius.

Kathey Porter, BusinessFAB® Academy lead instructor, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and small business strategist, had Thinkific Expert Yasaf Burshan set up her marketing automation program so that she could focus her time and energy on her zone of genius: course creation.

As a course creator, she believes that the most important part of the job is creating compelling content. Working with Yasaf allows her the time to do so. “I don’t have the luxury of a big team in which to delegate,” she says. “But, as a CEO, I know it’s important that I stay focused working on the business rather than getting bogged down with every aspect of every task. Thinkific provides a resource that allows me to get the exact support that I need from providers that know the course content industry.”

In Kathey’s case, outsourcing her work helped to give her time to focus on content development and refining her marketing strategy. For those who want to focus their time on creating content, she recommends that they leverage Fiverr freelancers through Thinkific.

“Early on, I made mistakes and spent money on things that I didn’t need and that didn’t really help move the needle with my course,” she continues. “Outsourcing gives me those five extra sets of hands to get stuff done and meet my timelines.”

She explains, “Just designing a course is enough to consider. “The sky’s the limit once you have a partner like Thinkific and a network of agency partners to help you!”

Advice for outsourcing work

When it comes to outsourcing your work, these freelancers and course creators have a few pieces of advice.

Linda Reed-Enever recommends that Thinkific customers do their research before hiring a Fiverr freelancer. Since you’re not conducting interviews before hiring, it’s important to read each review thoroughly.

She also says it’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for and have realistic expectations; if you’re hiring someone for a landing page review, don’t expect a full consultation and other add-ons that weren’t part of the initial brief. “Be prepared that you might have to hire a couple of people to find the right fit,” she advises.

Julien Truffaut says he described his project to 5-6 people on Fiverr, went through each freelancer’s portfolio, and hired a couple of people before he found the right person. “I would recommend outsourcing a small task and hiring two or three people to do it until you find the right person,” he explains.

Kathey Porter adds that it’s a great idea to take advantage of the Thinkific Store on Fiverr so that you can focus on creating the best content possible for your students. “Find a network of other course creators for ideas and to stay motivated,” she adds. “This is a process. Be ready to commit for the long haul.”

Julien echoes Kathey’s thoughts on committing to the process. He adds that it’s smart to start small. “It took me over two years to finish creating my course,” he says. “If I could come back in time, I would break down the course in 3-4 pieces and release them individually. You can always bundle them together at a later stage.”

Ready to discover a freelancer to help you grow, launch, and scale your online course business? Grow your business faster today.

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